An Angelic Bonding

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Chapter 2
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Mild Sexual Content

The blond gays get bonded, for different reasons but still a nice moment

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An Angel's Whims

“Before I go, I must tell you! I love you!” The skinny male blurted out to his forbidden lover as his tender hands touched the masculine face before him, rain falling from above in the storm that they dashed out to be in.

“I do too, but alas, the love is forbidden!” Staring into each other's eyes, their lips met with such passion, such love, that could not be.

Wiggling in the covers as he kept his arm around the long eared male, Kri was humming at the tv as he stayed in the warm bundle that was the couch and blankets. At his feet, Lykos has curled up on a pillow and in a blanket as well, eyes closed as he wasn’t really watching or listening, just enjoying the soft noise of the noise box while the riders cuddled up together.

“Striker, I’ll adore you until the end of time. Please, one day, return back to me.” The younger faced male said, tears mixing with the rain as Krites’s ears twitched, looking over to Folkren who was nestled into the warmth of his arms.

“One day Ren, one day I’ll return to you.” Humming, he moved his hand along Folkren’s side as he pulled him closer.

“Why are we watching this again?” He finally asked, wondering if this was put on for some sort of hint. Though it was not displeasing, they had been getting closer, and closer humans expected that shiny rock on a ring with time.

Eyes glued to the television, Folkren was casually biting down on his lower lip while the two on the screen finally declared their love, but were still torn apart! Resting up against Kri, the elf with a softer heart was definitely into the chick flick more than the other two. Eyes finally spilling over when the other pulled him that little bit closer. A bit closer that the characters in the t.v. couldn't have!

Sniffling up at Kri, at least he wasn't an ugly crier, tears simply trailing down his face much like the rain soaked lovers. "Because it was half off?" Tilting his head slightly, he really didn't have any alternate intentions with the dark angel. Being a sweet man, Folkren was trying to go through the proper steps to seduce the stoic angel. Mostly because he wanted to be careful and not get stabbed along the way. "We could put in something else if you don't like it?" Even if he said this, Folkren was looking up at him much like Lykos might with those big eyes that begged him so.

“I see, is that all?” He asked the male, a gentle touch being given to the face to wipe at the tears, slightly amused by the soft hearted male that reminded him of his overly worried dragon who was snoozing. Probably a good thing as Kri’s eyes returned to the tv to watch a shirt get flung off into the wet roads, followed by the pants and underwear. “It looks like your half off movie is now all off.”

Pointing back to the screen as the love making started, this was slightly entertaining. The passionate sex full of strange noises that left his ears twitching while his fingers traced along the other’s side absentmindedly. Still not that into it, but it always was interesting how humans choose to mate with one another.

“I suppose it’s fine, we can watch it till the end or until we get bored of it.....” Trailing off, his head tilted at one of the scenes. “Huh... wasn’t Ren a virgin? I’d think that would be a bit more pain then pleasure... Thought Striker is taking him like quite a pro, interesting indeed...”

Closing his eyes as Kri brushed away the tears, that didn't stop Folkren from continuing to make more anyway. His heart wasn't one to bleed needless all over the floor, knowing there were darker sides to people than what they said, but his emotions were easily riled up. And flipped, as that became strikingly obvious in the next scene. Blinking at the 'absolutely forbidden' pair, he was thinking they sure had escalated past that one quickly.

Those peering eyes glancing sideways back to his current interest, all he could really do was play the slow game of touch and go with the spontaneous angel. Thinking a wrong step would pull him from all the work he had put in to curling up against their side, sometimes he debated asking those obvious 'what ifs'. Though. Not saying anything to Kri at first, Folkren instead questioned their very... logical response, to the hot and heavy scene that had started up in the downpour.

"It's a lot easier as long as someone knows what they're doing," he commented as casually as possible. Which included pressing extra close under Kri's arm. Because there was no way he was about to look his object of affection in the eye right now. "Or y'know, so I hear. Not like that's something you can just test on a whim."

“That does help, indeed, but it’s like trying to shove a cucumber into a straw. You can’t just ram it in while making passionate sex to your forbidden lover and hope for the best. Is not exactly a hotdog down a hallway situation on screen...” Shifting his gaze from the tv to the other who was aboving eye contact, he questioned that last line, though supposed that too was true. Some people liked seducing one another before that passionate night. He figured Folkren was one of them with how hard he was working to seduce him.

“Maybe we could have a second bond, I heard that’s a good first step in the entire whim thing. A young pair of males I came across did. Something about wanting to be the best of friends with one another or something of the sort... They seem to be getting along swimmingly, quite the happy pair whenever I see them around.” And gayly, but that was no need to bring that up. The ginger and dark haired male were quite the murdery pair, but sweet to a fault when together and often were seen laying and cuddling in the sun when all the work was done.

Snorting at that simile, there was nothing Folkren could argue about that, but it was also just a movie. If the viewers wanted less foreplay and more actions, they'd do it for the views. Settling back down against Kri despite those heavy moans, even the panting moved down into background noise again when they brought up something unexpected. "Really?" he questioned in bewilderment. Of course, he wasn't about to let Kri get into something he didn't fully know about before it was too late. "It's the same as marriage, you know? Not just for two friends to casually run along into. I'd be extra sad if you decided you wanted to break the bond later!" Finally looking up at Kri, the elf clung to their clothes, more determined then normal to make sure this was at least a little more than one of their passing desires in the mortal realm.

“Sure, why not, it seems to be quite fun.” Slowly lowering his hands to rub at the outer leg as he looked back over from the climax of the scene, panning away before any noninnocent fluids were shown shooting all over the place. “It can be for business too, it’s just most commonly a form of marriage.”

He avoided the sad for now, pulling Folkren into his lap to nuzzle into, those fluffy emotions enough for Lykos to pop his head up to try and wiggle into the warm bundle that the two riders were, hands clinging to the blankets like a lurking child.

“I think it would be cute! Then I could feel Folkren friend too!” Wiggling, Kri grinned as those small butt wiggles that were always so cute when spotted.  So excited, that his thinner body was moving along to the emotions inside his dragon.

Squinting, Folkren was pretty sure they weren't going to be getting married for a business, but at least they knew about it. Though he did understand, and accepted that stopping Kri from taking justice into his own hands was a near impossible task... maaaybe marriage would help out with that? That still wasn't what he wanted to bond to someone for! Being pulled over for a sweeter moment did ease that worry however.

Thinking about it, it was pretty obvious Kri treated him differently from others, now more than ever considering how many 'experiments' in the name of curiosity and science he was subjected to. They never failed to fluster the elf, but he liked to think he was more comfortable with the antics too. Then of course there was Lykos. A cute boy that he opened the blanket up for to join in the cuddles on his lap as he was on Kri's. "Fine, I'll just stick an arrow in your knee literally, worst case. I'm pretty sure it's easy to tell what I'm feeling even without the bond though. Almost one hundred percent of the time is happy when we're together~ The other one percent is just cause a certain angel likes picking on me."

“But is it actually picking on you if you enjoy it?” Krites asked, rubbing his rather smooth face against Folkren’s as he opened the blanket a bit more for Lykos to crawl up and into the blanket. With the pair of them, snuggle back into Lykos as a small grin graced his face, followed by his warm hands creeping under Folkren’s shirt while Lykos wiggled in his lap. It was all in good fun, and he did get a yes, so he supposed it was time to look into the many bonding ceremony areas and have Folkren and himself pick on when it came closer to the desired time of bonding.

“For now though, let’s finish this half off movie. Their clothes are even back on.” Teasing at the other much smaller than him, Lykos gave his confused head tilts and his eyes returned to the screen, snuggling into Folkren’s lap in a small bun shape, full of curiosity about why the clothes were off to begin with.