An Angelic Bonding

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Chapter 4
Published 1 year, 10 months ago

Mild Sexual Content

The blond gays get bonded, for different reasons but still a nice moment

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“Are you ready, darling?” "More than ever~"

Heck, Folkren was used to wearing form fitting clothing, but not things that were restricting too. Hair braided and coiled neatly, his mother had woven in miniature roses much to his embarrassment. How he loved her so much, but like a true mother she still treated him like her cute little baby even on his wedding day. Ah well, he'd still take a picture to bring back for her anyway. Pulling at the tight collar, he sighed as he looked himself over in the mirror once more. He did think he looked good in red, but couldn't help wondering if this was going to be something his soon to be husband would poke fun at him for.

Only one way to find out as he headed out of the changing room. His own dragons were of course sitting and waiting on him already. A small little hoard of animals that consisted of a kangaroo-like dinosaur, strange bird cross, and one proper albino dragon. The trio were the first to excitedly crowd around him, getting laughs and pets out of their rider. Though a rideable flying companion would be nice, it apparently wasn't what he needed according to his smaller sized little family. "Yes, yes, I wasn't gone that long~ Is Kri done? And have the witnesses arrived yet?" Getting a myriad of chirps and short words, it seemed they were too busy playing to pay much attention to their surroundings. Ah well, still good beans as Folkren went to look around outside the small building.

“Kri, why are you taking so long?” Lykos asked as he laid on the floor. Arms crossed as he laid and waited for his rider to finish before joining the small hoard that was becoming the family of dragons and rider. He was a patient bean, more so curious about all the care his usually uncaring rider put into things.

Kri cared about many things, about the souls of the innocent being spared, about cheating on a loved one, about sins. It was so rare for him to care about much else then that though, so the many months of growing fond of Folkren with his curious way was an oddity to him. A nice one, with a new friend who had many new friends! But there were many odd feelings that came up from it, many that left the more calm boy wanting to wiggle about.

“Second bonds are important matters, so things need to be in place. If you have a day where you bonded to another dragon, wouldn’t you too want it to be as perfect as it could be?” Soothing down his high collared shirt, he checked the more fitted sleeves to make sure the buttons were done up as he looked over himself again.

It wasn’t the usual outfit, usually enjoying his looser clothes, but he had outfits for special occasions. Wearing a normal button up under his coat, it was completely hidden by the longer and white high collared jacket with golden buttons and decor. His usual darker clothes were abandoned in favor of white and gold, leaving him looking like the pure being he was meant to be.

“I suppose, should I go get the fuzzy ball and box?” Lykos asked as he stretched out, and all too ready to go.

“Boxy and Isa, but yes. I believe they’re on the couch in the hall. Please bring them to the marriage hall if you’d be so kind.” Following close behind, even i\his usually placid face had emotion to it.

Thanking the both for coming on such short notice and offered to carry Isa to the hall as he was napping on a pillow. Declined all the same, Boxy was kind enough to carry both the pillow and Isa to their spots in the front row. All that was left was the final part. Still taking the part of a follower, Kri broke off to peek his head outside, wondering where Folkren had gone off to.

“Folkren? It’s time.” He called out, eyes sweeping the stairs before he came across the red clad male. “Isa and Boxy were lounging with me, they’re off to be seated.”

Enjoying the reprieve outside, Folkren's dragons preferred the wilderness as much as he did. Expensive items and fancy vases not usually laying around outside to break. Between the wind dragon that loved to fly and the earths that rough housed with one another, they were built to be quiet indoor babies.

Even as they played and waited for the guests to arrive, all four of them looked over at Kri's call. Vina taking the lead first to head over to pet Lykos. She was starting to make Folkren squint at how she looked at him like those lovely jewels she plucked from the earth, but surely that was as far as it went. He doubted she would dare steal the sweet many-eyed dragon. "Oh! Sorry, they must have slipped past everyone." Not unexpected since they were a rowdy bunch when all together.

Humming to himself as he came over, the elf took an appraising look over his soon to be husband. Letting his eyes trail up and down as he made a circle around Kri before finally stopping in front of him with a nod of approval. "I knew you were an angel the first time I saw you~" Chuckling, he grinned up at the celestial. "Let's not keep them waiting any longer than, shall we?"

Watching as the smaller, jewel tailed dragon went by, Kri thought nothing of it but did watch. Wondering if she was off to seduce his dragon once more, but today was not a day he’d squint at her for that, today was a special day that called for special behavior.

“Let’s not, we do have the honeymoon after.” Holding out his hand, he led Folkren back through the door and the short way to the stage area where a single male was waiting for them in their own proper outfit.

Letting Folkren’s hand go as he walked down the aisle, it was a small get event with only the witnesses and their dragons. It was probably for the best, as Krites was still becoming more social but wasn’t there quiet yet.

“Are the two of you prepared?” The male asked, flattening out the book once it was open as Kri nodded and looked to Folkren.

“Are you ready, darling?”

Of all things to say, as angelic as Kri looked, he still had a tendency to tease and fluster Folkren. Still putting his hand in theirs while the other covered his face, he shook his head. He wasn't upset or anything, but really, they caught him off guard with words and reminders like that more often than not.

Mercy perching himself on the taller one's head, he sang a small song of encouragement to his poor embarrassed rider. The feelings were nice and fluffy from Folkren though so he was just as pleased. A little better by the time he arrived in front of the stage, he nodded, giving Kri's hand a small squeeze, hoping that wasn't an endearment meant just for this special moment. "More than ever~"