Like father Like daughter

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The lights flicker on and off at an old run-down bar, hidden away in a corner somewhere. In this empty space where even the smallest of sounds can be heard echoing, a man finds his comfort. Lev sits there solemnly, chugging down what could possibly be his 9th? 10th? bottle of beer now. He can't be bothered enough to keep up with the counting.

"There you are old man~!"

A female voice he is oh so familiar with. To whom would the voice belong to other than his one and only daughter, Liu Dione. The door creaks open as she steps in. She quickly makes her way towards him, and he almost wants to just stand up and leave. What use would that be, though, it will only be a matter of days before she's able to track him down again.

"What do you want."

His voice is hoarse and cold. It’s obvious he doesn’t welcome her here at all.

"Wow, not even a question, huh? What's with the hostility? Can't a daughter check up on her dad every once a while?"

"Checkup? Pfft, stop joking. You know exactly what you're doing, don't you? Of course, whatever I say to you, you'd still try to stick around regardless. God sometimes I wish I had never met your mother. You're just a spitting image of her, a fucking nightmare."

"Meanie~ But sure, I'll take that as a compliment regardless. I do love my beautiful mother, not as much as I love myself, of course."

"Just as vain as usual. You never change."

He lets out a sigh and drowns himself in another bottle of whatever watered down alcohol they decided to give him now.

"God, you're really paying for this low-quality shit? Down in the ditch again? What happened to your sweet little darling of a girlfriend? She isn't there to give you comfort anymore, hm?" She says as she takes a sit right next to him.

"Who the hell knows, really. Said she wanted to move one day, away from the old place. Thanked me for the things I've done for her and left. No more contact, just like that. Heh, and I was starting to get bored of her as well, oh the irony."

"And look at you now, bothered about it this much? Don't blame you tho, you lingered around her and her son, or should I say, my brother, for such a long time. Why, even more than you did with my mom. I just think it's hilarious that she ended up being the one leaving your old crummy ass first."


His fists meet the table's surface, and silence follows soon after. If it hadn't been for the fact that she was one of his kin, he would have delivered a punch right to her face as of now. But he decides this wasn't worth his efforts at all, so he settles down once again.

"Stop fucking around already. If you're not gonna get to the point then I will. Let me guess, got yourself into a new relationship again? For the one hundred and something time? I told you before, I ran out of advices to give long ago. You may as well go home and just. STOP. BOTHERING ME."

"SOOO dramatic." She tucks a bit of hair behind her ear, hands on her hips, giving off a smug look, "Who said anything about advices? I'm just here to show off my hot boy toy.”

With a wide grin on her face, she swiftly takes out her phone, shoving an image of some blondie into his face. The guy looks.... awkward, did she take this without him knowing or something? Lev isn’t that surprised if that is the case. Dione would go through any length to get what she wants after all.

“What do you think? Got myself quite the golden child this time around. Rich, handsome, popular, and guess what, guy is quite the athlete even. Perfect for someone like me, wouldn’t you say?”

“An athlete huh, pfft, haha, AHHAAHA.”

He can’t help but let out a loud laugh at these words. She looks at him with hints of annoyance on her face.

“And what’s so funny about that huh?!?”

“Oh... you know, the fact that you’re dating someone like that of all people. Tell me then, how long have you guys been dating?”

“Only yesterday but... what now, you’re going to try and say that me and him aren’t lasting long, are you not? Well, I’ve got news for you, you old fuck, I plan to make it a long-term thing this time for sure.”

Even more laughter can be heard. If Lev was in a bad mood before then this has definitely turned that all around for him now. Hearing this from Dione herself is nothing short of a spectacle for him. This girl, who has continuously pushed away any potential long-lasting love she could have had in order to find someone better than the last, now she’s here, proclaiming that she will keep a relationship going herself? As this goes on, she feels as though Lev is making a mockery out of her.

“Oh so this is hilarious to you, I see?” She finally speaks up, voice full of scorn and anger.

“Please, you really think, a guy like him will agree to stay with someone like you? Out of all people? Come on now, princess, you’re not that naïve, are you? Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror lately?”

“Well why wouldn’t he then?! To have ME as a girlfriend is a privilege not many would have!” She clenches her fists, oh he’s REALLY trod over the line this time around.

"That's what you think. What about him? No matter how much you say you can read people easily, there will just be things you can never foresee. Life is just a bitch like that." He turns to look at her and takes out a lighter from his pocket, igniting a cig he already has up in his mouth, “And guys like him? They tend to move on pretty quickly. I wouldn’t put my hopes up too high if I were you.”

A puff of smoke goes up into the air, obscuring the view of Dione's face. He’s pretty sure she’s gritting her teeth underneath, though.

“You talk like you know ANYTHING about him at all.” She interjects his smoking section, almost slapping the cig away from his face.

“And you don’t, either. Relax, I'm not trying to hurt you here. Calm down a bit, won’t you?”

“I. Am. CALM. GOD.”

Her tone turns aggressive in just a second. But she manages to collect herself and crosses her arms before waving, signaling him to keep going. His eyes widen a bit, surprised. Never thought there'd be a day when she isn't trying to speak over him.

“Am I wrong, tho? You told me you only started going out for less than a day? So I’m only coming to my own conclusions here.” Lev shrugs, leaning onto the counter, “You wanna know why I’m so confident about this? I used to be a sporty youngin’ myself, and look where I ended up now. So listen to me, princess. I’m doing you a favor here by telling you this. Get ready to be booted off by him. It’s only a matter of time before he does y’know? Speaking from personal experience of course. It’d be quite the miracle if you both end up lasting for more than a month, no, 2 weeks even.”

Lev says without batting an eye at her. And Dione was, enraged upon hearing these words, from her own father especially. Someone who she had been looking up to for so long. Obviously she doesn’t expect their relationship to the fine all the time, considering the way he treated most if not all of his relationships. But she had hopes that at least with this one thing, he would finally show her some kind of appreciation. She can’t really do much, though, only looking down to the ground. Then she lets out a defeated sigh.

“I fucking told you already, didn’t I? I wasn’t looking for any advices in the first place. I only came here to show off, and that thing about checking up on you? I wasn’t lying, dad. But fine, so be it, I’ll do things my own way, can’t stand hearing you being all high and mighty anymore. Have fun being alone, Mr. Lev Krovopuskov. I won’t bother you anymore.”

With her final words spoken, she turns her back and disappears back into the night.

“Good riddance.”

He scoffs, then lets out a sigh. It’s over, isn’t it? And somehow, he feels more disappointed at this outcome more than anything. He’s always just lived his life without any regrets, so why does it even matter to him what she said? Well whatever, he’ll think about it later. The night is still young, and he’s got a lot more drinks to burn through ahead.