[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 1
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Nyx 249, Zeke 254 and Whisper 291

Joining the Shear Rebellion

Though winter had eased its grip somewhat, the mountainous region remained cold, the peaks white and shards of ice on the clear waters than ran down the sides; the fort too still had a layer of snow covering it; but even that wintery blanket didn't soften its appearance; and it remained a silent sentinel that few visited. At present though, a cold mist had descended, shrouding the surrounding area, casting long dark shadows and obscuring much from view... except that more than one sharp eyed dragon patrolled the skies around Meeth's 'den'.

Whisper called out a warning long before the caravan reached the forts walls, it gave Meeth more than enough time to get to entrance, her cloak wrapped tight around her, she knew the caravan didn't hail from the nearby town, those often sent word ahead, and... very few others ever passed this way. She spotted her shadow move, and the reassuring presence of Nyx brushed her mind, along with curiosity, and above Whisper circled, ready to swoop down should he need to. The caravan drew to a halt, and she watched as a women disembarked, her form clad in a thick fur coat, but her gaze and expression as haughty as any aristocrat from her homeworld. "You must be Meeth.",> she called out, regally pacing towards her. "We've heard quite a bit about you, and the fact that you recovered one of the Shear kingdoms ancient forts." She continued, sizing her up. Years of training, both on the battlefield and off, meant Meeth kept her expression neutral. "My apologies, but i beleive you have me at a disadvantage." Meeth said, her tone formal, and ignoring Nyx as the dragoness laughed in her shadow. A shadow covered her as Zeke appeared his crest flat... at least for the moment.

The other women smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. "Camille is how i am known, and I." She paused. "Am the leader of the Shear rebellion." She continued, Zeke hissed as a few others appeared behind their leader, their stance marking them as fighters, his wings mantled slightly in warning. Meeth had heard of them, it was hard not to, the political situation of the planet prayed on everyone's minds, and the two biggest players? the abrendese militia, and the Shear rebellion. "May i inquire as to why you've come all this way.?" Meeth asked, not shifting at all even as the fighters spread out, from what she had learned, the rebellion had its headquarters in Corli, far to the south of here. "Its simple... i'm personally here to recruit you." She took a step back and the fighters surged forward, swords gleaming in the light, and behind a second row of people stood, support.

"Well its not everyday the leader of one of the political affiliations headhunts you.... it is i suppose... an honor." Nyx commented to Meeth, but remained hidden in her riders shadow. Whisper screamed and dove, aiming not at the fighters themselves, but at the row behind them, Immediately they threw up barriers, and the dragon shifted into the shadows around them. Zeke charged forward, lashing out at the fighters closest to him, green light flaring as he moved the earth, disrupting them, which left only a few stray fighters. Meeth knew she could call on more of her dragons, but she knew the fight wasn't 'real', which is why she'd warned both dragons from fatally harming those attacking her. Whisper was not impressed with that command at all.

She was aware of Camille's location as the women watched on, her breath white in the frigid north air, and she had no wish to use her true sword, preferring to keep that back when she could, as it was she had on her a sword she'd recently forged, having been testing its strength and durability out, so... an actual swordfight would be a good way of testing its mettle.

She waited until was one close enough that he raised the sword to strike at her, before sidestepping, unsheathing the sword and hitting his with a loud clash, the sound echoing over the plains, and the fighter dropped it, before scrabbling to pick it back up. Meeth turned her attention to another one, though she kept an eye on him. This one was warier, his movements slower, more thoughtful, but for him she darted forward, her cloak flaring behind her as she disarmed him, hitting his hand hard with the flat of her blade, before spinning off to meet another attacker.

Nyx meanwhile slipped through the shadows, aware of what was going on above ground, but her attention was on their leader, oh she could fight, but this wasn't about that. "Well well well." She purred, materializing from the shadows behind Camille, her tail knocking out the two guards nearby who hadn't reacted quick enough, her metallic talon flexing as Camille looked at her, the smile gone, though her eyes were sharp. "I can certainly see why you're interested in Meeth, if this is any show of the Shear's... capability." Nyx 'grinned' jaws opening fully. "But you should really watch your back. Already your other 'caravan' has been over tuned, your people captured." Nyx continued, watching the women's eyes narrow further. "Now i'm sure that you have other plans in that little head of yours, but we both know that's not why you're here, and honestly, i find it insulting that you'd try to test Meeth in such a way." the last words were a growl. "We're all civil enough to talk about why your really here, aren't we." Nyx watched as Camille glanced at her fighters, Zeke was whistling happily, as around him the fighters groaned. Whisper was hissing, and every time one of that group stood up, he walloped them hard. Meeth meanwhile had disarmed those who'd attacked her, their weapons in her grasp as she sheathed the sword she'd been using; before pacing towards Camille and Nyx.

"Is there anything else you want me to prove?" Meeth asked, her tone formal still, if a bit stiff. "No, you've passed with flying colors, and if you wish we could talk somewhere warmer?" Camille responded, her voice as formal as Meeth's, but with a hint of haughtiness.Nyx snorted, her halo spinning slightly. "I mean no disrespect, but as i I have no wish to join the Rebellion, I see no point in any further discussions." Meeth replied, placing the weapons on the ground nearby, Whisper looked over at her, before hitting one of the fallen fighters one last time before taking off. Zeke meanwhile plodded over to Meeth, crest slightly raised.

Nyx snorted again, this time open amusement in the sound at the expression on Camille's face, she ignored the glance Meeth gave her before returning to the shadows, though she didn't go far. A rueful smile crossed Camille's face. "Fair point." She wasn't though ready to give up. "If i'm truthful, it isn't fighters that i need, or not the numbers, what i need is someone to help... train them." She gestured the fallen fighters around the area. "Which is why i came out this way, so yes, I am asking you to join the Rebellion, but as a trainer, as opposed to a frontline fighter.. though you can help out there if you wish to." Camille continued. "And of course you'll be paid."

Zeke rested his head on Meeth's shoulder, eyes on the leader of the rebellion, as Nyx spoke mentally to Meeth. "Its not a bad idea." she mused. "In fact, the Shear have quite a few contacts, and are likely to need things repairing or forging. Plus, don't you already have a 'training' field set up." The dragoness' dark voice slid against her. "And we could afford to warm up more of the fort.. unless... you like relying on the cat." At that last phrase, Meeth tensed, the teasing dragoness knew she struggled with accepting Meiron's... assistance, but she had dragons that needed feeding and her reputation, and therefore jobs hadn't yet progressed beyond the nearby town.

"If i understand you correctly." Meeth said after a few moments, scratching at Zeke's headcrest much to his delight. "If i agree to help you, while i will be part of the Rebellion, i will not actually be called on to fight the militia? My main task will be to help train others?" Camille nodded, glancing at the sky as the light began to fade, though the difference was minimal given the mist that still lingered, dark and oppressing. "That's correct, and we'll send them up here with your permission, and only a few at a time." the shear leaded continued. In Meeth's shadow, Nyx yawned. "Best get this written down, just in case." she suggested.

Nudging Zeke back towards the fort, Meeth nodded, holding out her hand for Camille to shake, though she truly had no wish to join the political struggles of the world, the advantages outweighed the problems. Nyx did speak again, but only after they two women had shaken hands. "Oh and do invite them into the fort to warm up, the poor things are all freezing... and.. well.. sore." Nyx commented dryly.

Author's Notes

WC: 1533
Terrain: Earth / Dark