[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 2
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira 818 and Descent 703

Rotating Duty #1

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok.

Meeth stared at the letter in her hand, while she'd long since mastered the spoken language, the written one had taken longer, simply because she hadn't come into too much contact with it, and that it changed from town to town, still.... Since her 'recruitment' by the Rebellion she hadn't heard anything from them, so the letter itself was a surprise. "Is it from Meiron? and Yuki?" A small voice sounded, her shoulders tensing at the cats name, still she held an arm out for Eira to land. "No. Its from the rebellion." She watched his ears flatten before they pricked up, and he peered around to read the letter himself. "Oooo... treasure." He grinned, flapping off. "C'mon it'll be fun." She shook her head as the tiny excitable dragon weaved his way off. Then again... sighing she folded the letter, before following the small form of the storm hybrid through the forts corridors.

The landscape was a stunning white, the snow having been falling for days making it seem like a dream, the night sky glittered above them, a beautiful counterpart to the wintry weather, and while it was on the chilly side, Meeth felt very little of it; Descent humming happily beneath her as he strode through the white stuff, his star pearl floating in front of him, his companion meanwhile, happily dozing in Meeth's arms. While he loathed swamps, he was fine with snow... snow didn't linger or smell... and easily melted around him, “Hey” he called out sensing Eira just as the wyvern darted past, ducking his head. “Whoops?” Eira chortled, clinging onto Meeth’s cloak, and nuzzling Meeth, his nose cold in the thin air. Descents companion huffed as the cold air brushed it, snuggling closer into Meeth's arms.

It was a good hour later when Meeth spotted the first sign of the ruins, all but blending into the night and snow, remnants of an gateway, long since lost to time. Eira, hesitated though, excitable as he was he was still young, and ... the gaping remnants of the ruined keep, bothered him more than he’d expected... possibly because it was a twin to the one his rider called home. Meeth reached up to stroke him, but didn’t force the issue as Descent halted, lowering himself so that Meeth could dismount. “Think of the tales you could tell next time you saw Yuki?” She said, placing the companion back on his larger counterparts back. No matter how much she’d prefer not so see Meiron, she wouldn’t stop the close friendship the half siblings seemed to share. Eira nodded, and launched himself, fluttering through the white keep, as much at home in the snow as well as the darkness. She spotted his tail vanish into an opening far above them.

Glancing around her, she ran her hand over the blade she taken to carrying, it didn’t hurt to have a secondary weapon, even if to any enemies it seemed to be her main; she remained on alert as Descent too wandered off, using his star Pearl to help navigate. According to the letter it had been held by the militia up until recently, though it hadn’t been written down what they’d actually been doing here. Meeth pulled the cloak tighter and began pacing through the snow.

Eira wriggled between the stonework, eager to find something, he knew he was young but he was also small, could fit where neither his rider or Descent could, still the darkness pressed close, but he could hear something deeper inside the stonework, something that wasn't natural, was 'wrong' in a ruined keep; so he continued to wriggle further into the stonework.

Descent nosed around, pulling at a few loose stones, and sending the star pearl into smaller spaces. "Seems they left in a hurry." He commented, sensing Meeth come up next to him, scattered beneath the snow, frozen food.... eventually the scavengers would clear it. "So why does the rebellion think they hid 'treasure' here?" came the response. "Other than it looks empty, already cleared by those seek out treasure. So few would think to look any further." She followed in, halting as a sense of panic filtered through her bond with Eira. Descent plodded after her, snorting. "I think he's stuck." Narrowing her eyes at the stonework, she sent reassurances to the youngling. "Can you see him?" she asked, aware Descent could see heat signatures. He nodded. "And gaps of colder spaces." He responded, intrigued now as well. "Remain still, Eira." She ordered, sensing an affirmative from the trapped youngster.

It was hard, but Eira remained as still as he could, trusting his rider, he could hear them working at the stone beyond, a clink of metal on stone, Meeth using the sword to loosen the stones, and then Descent tugging at them, below him he spotted a glint of yellow, eyes widening as more and more light appeared. Finally the stone around him loosened, and he knew that it was about to collapse; as soon as he could he darted out, into Meeth's arms as the stone collapsed behing him. "I'm okay." He purred, turning as he heard a clink.

Meeth held the small dragon in reassurance staring at the scattered stonework, and the scattering of gold and silver. Descent hummed, as he nosed a pile closest to him, Eira fluttered back off, diving into the pile. "See i found it." He boasted, a small smile crossed Meeth's face. Clever of militia, quickly building a small stone pile around the treasure, which at first glance wouldn't be off.... "Yes....."... Now to transport it back and send word to the rebellion.

Author's Notes

WC: 941
Terrain: Storm/Dark