[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 4
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira 818

Rotating Duty #3

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok

It didn’t take Meeth long to get the torch lit, even as the snow continued to fall, a darkness to the area as night started to descend; not that Eira minded, as much at home in the darkness as he was in the snow. Though he so wanted to press ahead to look around and see what else the militia may of left, he didn’t, flapping his wings to keep him airborne as Meeth walked slowly down the stairs, one of her hands resting on the wall, it was then that Eira realised the steps were covered in a faint black ice, it was enough of a worry that Meeth flared her wings, the cloak falling around them. Thankfully she reached the bottom with no mishap, and Eira landed on her shoulder nuzzling her in affection before flitting off down the tunnel, not to far... but far enough for him to find spot and locate several sconces, all recently ‘oiled’. ”there another one here, it should help right?” Eira asked, noting the spot before he returned to Meeth.

“Yes. And it’ll help warm the stones slightly.” She responded, lighting the closest sconce with the torch and following Eira’s lead to light up the the others. In the gentle light of the torches the tunnel revealed itself to be in remarkably good condition, if a bit on the frozen side, with icicles clinging to the surfaces, yet, what little bits of broken stone had been pushed to the side, leaving a clear pathway deeper into the system. Her boot caught on something and she stopped, flicking the torch to reveal a worn bit of silvence trapped between the stones.

The darkness pressed closer, even with the flickering light from the now lit sconces and the torch Meeth held, it couch to the pair like an old friend. ”It isn’t as cold as I was expecting.” Eira whispered, even with the icicles dangling, the temperature hadn’t shifted at all. Humming he landed on the ground, ears twitching as the tunnel came to an abrupt end. His crest flattening for a moment, before he remember the first area he’d found treasure. Placing his wing fingers over the surface he felt along it. “These rocks aren’t the same.” probably Yuki would of spotted it sooner, but then again Yuki was an earth dragon.

Meeth placed her own hand on the wall, feeling along it, even had she not been living in a fort similar to this, the abruptness of the tunnel ending was as much a cue as anything that it wasn’t part of the original building... which meant there would be a mechanism which unlocked it. After a few moments she felt it, a slight indent, an oddity; pointing it out to Eira he nodded, quickly locating another two ... just as Meeth found another node. Putting the torch out (she’d relight it afterwards from the nearby sconce.) she rested her hands Tom the two indents, as Eira did the same. At her mental command they pressed them.. and a click sounded, letting go of the wall, Eira took off hovering next to Meeth as the wall split in two, opening outwards from the pair, a faint brush of air against them as the pressure balanced.

Eira twitched his ears, listening for echos of anything that may mean them harm, Yuki had once told him of a ancient feral dragon his rider had found imprisoned in a cave, the last thing he wanted was for a surprise of that caliber to appear .... and yet, he heard nothing living, impressions of shapes coming back to him, static, piles of rock and crates, and the touch of iron here and there. But if it held anything of value... well.. that was still to be seen.

Author's Notes

WC: 640
Terrain: Storm/Dark