[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 5
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira 818

Rotating Duty #4

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok

Eira fluttered into the open space, still a bit hesitant, but he soon relaxed when everything he could hear and see showed him the area was empty of life.. well other than the occasional mouse; turning back he spotted the two bracketed sconces on either side of the 'door' and he happily pointed them out to Meeth, waiting just until she'd lit them before peering deeper into the 'dungeon'.. for that was what it had been once, and still bore the signs, small dreary stone cells, with a tiny slit towards the top; hinges where an iron door had once been, but time had longs since weakened many. He peered into one, a pair of rusted manacles dangling from the far wall... and yet... other than this skeleton of a memory, the area was well... rather clean and organized; at his entrance a mouse darted past and he pounced on it.

Meeth was slower to enter, her cloak falling back around her she folded her wings, where the passageway had been icy and a danger, this area was anything but, even the spiders hadn't had time to re spin their webs; a few steps further in and her boots touched a brazier, which, much like the sconces was just waiting to be lit, all of it adding up to constant use up until recently. With a simple touch of the torch to the brazier and light surge, still not enough to light the whole area up, but more than enough to see crates and boxes of all sizes stacked against one another. Some had symbols, others didn't... but, they all seemed intact. "For storage, i assume, until they could be moved elsewhere." Meeth commented as Eira fluttered over, landing on a crate nearby. "But, aren't they too big to come through the tunnel?" He asked, staring at the one he was on, and a few of the other large crates. "Does that mean there's a second entrance?" He asked excited. Meeth glanced around, before drawing her sword, prying the wooden planks away for a moment to see what lay in the one Eira was currently using as a perch.

The wyvern peered in, his snout wrinkling as the scent of fabric came back through. "Clothes?" He asked, well... that certainly wasn't treasure. "Think Eira, in a place as cold as this warm clothes are as valuable as silver or gold; and these look like furs." Meeth explained, she knew better than anyone the value that clothing could have. Eira thought about it for a moment before nodding. "Either there is another exit, or things were brought down here in smaller containers and placed into the larger crates for storage." Both ideas could work. "See if you can find any sign of another exit." She said, rubbing the dragon under his snout to his delight. Carefully returning the plank to its former place, she wrote on what was inside, carefully using the written language that the shear used; before moving over to another crate to see what else had been stored.

Eira hummed, checking the outer walls for any signs of something not where it should be; and while he found empty torch brackets, nothing seemed to stick out.... except.... his feathers moved as a cold breeze ruffled them... snow and wilderness filtering through, along with the fact that this breeze was coming from a different direction to the entrance. Carefully he tracked it, spotting a large chest all but hidden in the darkness of a shattered cell, rusted, plain... and yet, a very very faint shift in color behind it. Grinning he landed, while he couldn't see the mechanism, he could 'hear' outside, maybe it only opened from the outside. Now that he'd found it he turned his attention to the chest he was on, more than curious as to whether it held anything... or was there to 'block' the exit when not in use. Rocking, he heard a slight jingle... as if coins were rubbing against coins... There was certainly treasure of some sort in this one.... chortling he took off to get Meeth, he wasn't able to open the chest on his own...

Author's Notes

WC: 696
Terrain: Dark/Thunder