[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 6
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira, Descent, Nyx and Toad who is doing some hunting to help provide for the party.

Rotating Duty #5

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok

Eira was bored, the small wyvern had been inching to go back out and maybe delve deeper into the sister fort... however, once Meeth had sent a report back to the rebellion, they'd come out themselves to gather everything that had been stored there... and since then there had been little to no word, other than a elegantly sprawled thank you and payment. "If you droop anymore you'll fall of the battlements." Came a silky voice from the shadows, as the older dragoness appeared, her eye gleaming at him as she placed her head next to him. The snow which was a constant feature this time of year fell through her, the dragoness not always fully... corporal. "I won't, i can fly." He countered, sounding so very young at this point that Nyx relented, gently scratching the males head with her arm. "Well.... i may have some news for you?" Nyx said, a snowflake landing on Eira's head as he turned to her, head cocked. "Apparently, a dragon has just arrived at the fort, linked with the rebellion. Some... new information has ome in... something about a castle far to the west?" She laughed as Eira bolted into the air, zooming down to where he knew Meeth was... Nyx meanwhile slipped back into the shadows, but headed for the same place.

"I truly think its a decent prospect." Toad commented, pointing at the map on the table currently been weighed down by the tiny companion that belonged to the larger male hovering nearby; the rider she was talking to nodding, even as the cloak covered most of her form, still, Toad knew she was speaking to 'leader' like she was, one only had to look at the dragons and how they operated, and the rebellion's notes had said something of the sort, a skilled fighter... and one that had recently found several stashes of 'treasure'. She herself had come along to organize this foray... for they'd need supplies, and though small, Toad was an accomplished hunter. "My only worry is that it is still inhabited, but whether by the militia or bandits we don't know." She continued, halting when she realized the rider hadn't actually responded... At that point a small dragon darted in, literally attaching himself to the rider. "Can we go, please please please?" He whined, before spotting her, fluttering down, he landed on the table (not on the map) folding a wing tight he bowed. "Oh hello, i'm Eira." Before she could respond, the shadows lengthened and a purple eye glinted at her.....

Meeth gently tapped the map, thinking, she didn't want to rush into anything and if it was inhabited that would mean fighting.... still... winter was coming, and Toad had already offered to help hunt for them. She felt Nyx before Eira appeared, the eager hybrid not even hesitating before begging her to go. Descent shifted forward, his star pearl directly above them as he offered his opinion. "I can easily travel that distance, i mean, None of you weigh much, and i'm stronger than before." It wasn't a brag so much as the truth, the male had become stronger recently. "I'm up for it." Nyx said as well, though she didn't move from the shadows. Meeth nodded. Descent and Nyx were both skilled fighters, Eira, was good at scouting and spotting things that didn't belong; and Toad seemed to world wise. "If you're happy to assist us? Such a journey would take more than one day." Eira gurgled happily, but Meeth tapped him gently. "You do as one of us says, this will not be like the other one."" She warned, Eira nodded as Toad chimed in. "I'll keep an eye on him." She offered, placing a hand on her chest to reassure the rider.

It was almost a day later before the party headed out, Eira flying just ahead of Descent as the male ran through the snow, the companion happily snuggled up in Meeth's cloak, Nyx flew through the shadows the male cast, Toad though had headed off, her small form easily covering the snow covered terrain, sensing the beating hearts of a warren just beyond, but rather than just grab one, she startled them, sending a group of them towards the party, taking out a few as the rest caught a few. Satisfied they had sufficient prey for now she settled on Descent's head the male having slowed somewhat.

It was dark before Eira's sharp ears caught the first sign that they weren't alone, he could just about make out the castle in the distance, all but blending into the mountains that surrounded it; he dipped his wings, the movement sudden enough that Meeth slowed Descent down, the male responding as easily as Zeke did to the same command. Nyx slipped out of the shadows as Toad hopped down, the two heading off to scout ahead, Meeth felt Eira pull himself back, the young drake keeping his word, dropping down to perch on Descent's head as Meeth dismounted, creeping through the lengthening shadows to where Nyx and Toad waited. She crouched down next to the pair, her gaze scanning the small camp, the fire gleaming in the darkness, she could count 6 figures sat around the fire, their clothes ragged and torn beneath the furs... which were of a significant better standard.... and around them chests, a glint of silver from one of them. Toad inched closer to her, whispering. "I'll go see if anyone else is around." Meeth nodded, better to have the full numbers than rush in and be ambushed. Descent slowly inched next to her, Eira remaining on his head, his ears pricked as the men spoke of the caravan they'd taken. "I think they may be from the same band as once called our fort home." Nyx said through their bond, her tone harsh. "There are ghosts around them, crying..." Both males nodded, Toad having vanished into the darkness and snow. "We wait, Nyx." Meeth said, resting a hand on the dragoness....

Toad's movements were slow, stealthy as she hunted the area, as well as the horses, she'd picked up on at least another 4 bandits, her nose wrinkled at the smell.... but... no dragons, here and there were scattered remnants of buildings, maybe a town that had once thrived below the castle that towered far above, but for now it allowed her ample hiding places as she took note of them and their positions, before slinking back to Meeth. Her whispers so quiet that she knew the bandits wouldn't hear her.. not above the sounds they made or the fire. "I'll spook the horses, poor things look half starved..." She said softly.

They never knew what hit them, Nyx surging from the darkness to strike at those closest to her, her visage terrifying in the darkness, and before they could run, the horses scattered, the small dragon hunting them and they sensed it. Others fell back as something small lashed at them, the snow swirling as the shadows increased driving them towards the sharp fangs of the red dragon that gleamed in the fire. And beyond, the sentries were silenced by Meeth, her sword quieting them forever, for while she couldn't see the ghosts that Nyx did, she could feel them, innocent merchants killed for no reason other than they had been carrying goods.

Toad felt sorry for the horses, this far out in their condition, they wouldn't last long, it would be a mercy to kill them... and, the party would need some sustenance after all that; so she drove them back towards Nyx and Descent, using the two larger dragons, who responded swiftly, taking them down.

As the dragons ate, Meeth moved the bodies to one side, by dawn they would be covered by the snow that fell endlessly, and it would be safer for them that they wouldn't be found. "Meeth, come look." Eira called, his body perched on one of the chests, Nyx having opened it for him as Descent nosed around the fire, Eira looked conflicted, part of him was happy they'd found treasure, but he couldn't forget the ghosts. "What... should we do?" Toad clambered up next to him, pulling him into a hug. It was Nyx that spoke. "They want us to have it.... better it goes to a good cause, and they knew of the rebellion." The older dragoness reassured Eira, her affinity with ghosts more prominent that the youngsters. "Should we leave it here though? I mean, it would involve another trek to return to the fort and then come back?" Descent asked, gripping a small and ornate dagger that he'd found. "I can help hide this?" Toad offered, a orange glow surrounding her, what little greenery that had been present, grew, wrapping around the 'treasure'. "We should press on once everyone is rested, the last thing we want is the rest of the band to realize we're here." Meeth said, surprise might be the difference between victory. Toad and Nyx nodded, Eira fluttered over to perch on Meeth's shoulder rubbing his head against her.

Above them the castle loomed, its ruined silhouette standing tall amidst the mountains, and an occasional light flickering in the windows the only sign of life.... but for now the darkness and snow hid the party...

Author's Notes

WC: 1552
Terrain: Storm/Dark