[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 7
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira, Descent, Nyx and Toad who is scavenging amongst the ruins

Rotating Duty #6

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok

An hour passed, two, but it was only when Meeth was sure everyone was rested that she made to move to continue forwards; the snow had stopped falling as night fully descended, the half moon providing more than sufficient light for the party..... should they of needed it. The treasure they'd already found now hidden amidst the tangle of flora that Toad had manipulated; and a fresh layer of snow helped hide it as well, and the small dragon had once again proved her worth in the two hours they rested, bringing back food for them. Now though, Toad was more interested in the buildings just beyond them; no longer obscured by the falling snow, it was becoming more and more noticeable that the ruins around them had once been of a town; likely linked to the castle above, and the shadows kept much of it concealed, perfect for the party to creep closer to their final destination.

Meeth's boots pressed into the snow as she walked thorough the street, her gaze watchful as she scanned the dark alleys, even without the moons light her night vision was good, improved further by the fact that she was bonded to dark dragons, 3 of whom where with her. Eira flitted between scouting ahead, never too far, and following Toad as she slipped into the empty structures, nosing around for anything of note. Descent walking behind, his snout pressed against Meeth's back gently, using her as a guide since his companion had absconded with his star pearl for this part of the journey. Nyx though, slithered through the shadows her halo spinning slightly as she felt the area with her magic. "No ghosts." She commented, placing her talon against the stone wall of the building closest to her. "Could be it was abandoned long before it fell into ruin......" She mused just as Toad slipped into sight again, Eira above her, his ears twitching.

"I think that maybe they were forced to leave, while there seems to be nothing of significant value, such as gold and gems, not surprising given the locale at the moment; other items, more personal things remain." Toad said, her voice as soft as Nyx's. in her paws she held a small carving, specks of color still clinging to it despite its ages, but its features worn, not by time, but through handling. "But where were they taken?" She asked, glancing up at the imposing castle above, ruin or not that at least seemed in good shape, she looked at the carving again in her paws, loathe to just leave it.

Descent halted suddenly, his head raising up, without his star pearl he tended to rely on heat signatures for sight, which was why he'd been using Meeth as a focal point, his wings mantled slightly as he caught sight of something in the distance. "There is a small group heading this way." He whispered. "2 no.. three..." He followed up, his 4 forelimbs flexing slightly. "Should we take them out.?" Toad asked, fluttering up to rest on Descent's back. Nyx grinned from the darkness, the jaws unlocking as if relishing the thought. Meeth shook her head. "No. The others could be explained as defecting and taking the treasure, if we take out too many of them, it could raise suspicions." She responded. "Eira, go fly up above them, far out of sight." She said to the young hybrid, the male nodding his form vanishing into the night above. "Toad? is there a building large enough to hide me and Descent?" She asked softly, Nyx had a much better mastery of her element, and was more than capable of hiding in plain sight.

Toad nodded, hopping down as she led them down a 'side street' and into a large building, it had once had multiple floors, but almost half of it had rotted away, the other parts held on by the sturdier stones that had once decked the outside, half rotted tables lay scattered around, and beneath the snow, shards of glass, though the edges had long since dulled away; Toad directed Descent into the hallow beneath the stairs, the shadows wrapping around him as he pulled the star pearl and his companion closer. Satisfied, the larger male was hidden enough, Toad crept up into a hallow, one that had likely held a statue at one time or another... or a witch bottle. Meeth she could no longer see, her dark cloak blending into the darkness as easily as the large dragoness, who like Eira was keeping watch on the group.

Eira hadn't hesitated when Meeth sent him up, his chest puffed slightly with pride that she'd asked him to keep watch, rather than 'hide' as the others where at the moment, still he made sure to be as far out of sight as he could, and not fly in front of the moon. His large ears pricked as he listened to them talking below, nose wrinkling at the vulgarity and coarseness of what he overheard... he wasn't a prude, but Meeth had installed them all with manners and civility (well maybe not Void but that dragon was a different story). "They're heading towards where the others were." He relayed, feeling along the mental bond with Meeth. "Thank you." Not once did the group look up, or even deter from the more worn path. "I'll follow just in case, better they be eliminated if they suspect something." Nyx whispered as she slipped past Meeth, unlike the other dragons, Nyx wasn't bonded quite as deep, and she knew Meeth understood her intent, if the small group decided that the others had defected then all was good, if not... well... she'd deal with it.

Toad was reluctant to move, not until either the small group had returned, or... had been taken care off; from her vantage point though she could see a bit more of the town, and above the very faint outline of Eira as he continued to keep watch; her paws continued to run over the little carving, her gaze landing on a more... substantial building further down the street. Slowly she crept down to where she could just about see Meeth and pointed at the other building, it was less exposed, and... potentially had more going for it. Meeth nodded, and Descent slowly appeared his companion and star pearl clutched tight, ever cautious, Toad made her way down, the larger male behind her, she flinched as the moon shone on them completely fully exposed for a moment it took her to get the door unfastened... it didn't creak..... a sign of more recent use. Descent slipped in behind her, peering into the room, and the numerous carvings that clung to the walls, the rest of the furniture pushed to one side to make room for a chest..... "Do they have stashes everywhere?" she whispered to Descent who shook his head, 'peering' at the chest warily, something wasn't right about it....

Meeth remained in what she assumed had been a tavern, sensing Descent become worried about something, but whatever it was didn't seem to be urgent; Eira she could feel far above, and Nyx well... Nyx was watching as the group turned to return.... "They did not seem too surprised to see them 'gone', more annoyed that they didn't leave some loot behind; as such they'll report to their boss about the deserters." Nyx said, her tone a combination of amused and disgruntled they hadn't suspected anything else. "Good, meet up with Descent, he seems worried about something." Meeth replied, sensing an affirmative from the dragoness. She'd join up with them as soon as the group were beyond the ruined town, only then would she call Eira back down from his watch.

Toad stared at Descent, the male had not stopped looking at the chest, his wings mantled as the companion fluttered as far away as possible; she was puzzled, surely a chest like this had treasure inside; it wasn't the most elegantly carved, in fact it looked a bit pathetic, its craftsmanship a far cry from the other woodwork around them; but still it likely had something inside. The door opened slowly as Nyx slunk in, the shadows tucked around her as she peered around the carpenters shop. "Well well well." She mused her eye on her chest focusing on the chest as well. "What do we have here?" the dragoness reached out a metallic talon to prod the chest.... which did nothing. "Huh." Toad rolled her eyes slightly, landing in front of the chest to peer at the latch, well if neither of the others were interested in what lay inside then she'd take the honors. Reaching up, she caught the latch unhooking it"No! Descent called out, Toad froze as the chest moved, huge teeth grinning down at her as eyes opened, and the gaping maw descended.

Descent had known something was off about the chest, he just hadn't known what, but its heat signature rose as Toad unlatched it, reacting he lunged, colliding with the chest before it could injure the smaller dragon. "Mimic." Nyx hissed as Descent took a step back, Toad clinging to one of his front paws. "Well... this is fun." Nyx commented as the Mimic grinned at them...

Author's Notes

WC: 1545
Terrain: Storm/Dark