[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 8
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira, Descent, Nyx and Toad who is gathering this time, both for some tasty winter fruits, and herbs, to help ease Eira's aches and pains.

Rotating Duty #7

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok

Years of training kept Meeth from moving from her hiding place and rushing to her dragons aid, the brief flash of emotion from Descent and the sense of warning from Nyx, worrying enough that she almost gave herself away; above Eira continued to monitor the small group as the headed further out of the ruined town, the footprints vanishing with a swiftness that would be worrying to anyone not used the snowstorms of the northern mountains.

Toad cursed (quietly, she was a lady after all), slipping to the other side of the room as the mimic shifted slightly, her sharp gaze catching on what appeared to be a trapdoor beneath it, had they placed the cursed monster there on purpose to guard whatever lay below? or had the mimic come to dwell here of its own accord... either way, they were in trouble... the small space of the shop limited what Descent or Nyx could do... and too much noise would draw attention from the inhabited ruined castle above, especially as she had no idea of how far off that small group was. Nyx had semi shifted into the darkness, which left Descent as the most obvious target, his companion curled up on his back, shivering slightly as the star pearl hovered next to him.

Nyx knew they didn't dare attempt to defeat it... it would draw to much notice, even with the distance to the castle. "Leave it." She ordered, knowing Meeth far to well. "We can come back and deal with it once the castle has been scouted. " The dragoness growled, her tail lashing at the Mimic, Descent hesitated, but nodded, a paw held out so that Toad could climb back on it, before he slowly eased back out the building, carefully moving so as to not to draw attention as Nyx distracted the mimic. Both Descent and Toad breathed a sigh of relief, and both relaxed only once Nyx appeared out of the shadows. "It didn't follow me, seems its intent on remaining there, i wonder why." She mused. Toad hopped down. "Sorry about that, i did see what looked to be a trap door underneath it." The small dragon apologized, aware her actions had awoken the mimic. Descent, nuzzled her. "Its fine, i knew something was off, but didn't know what." The male responded. Nyx hummed. "They're quite rare, i've only encountered one or two before." She commented, glancing at her talon thoughtfully.

After several tense, quiet minutes, Eira finally fluttered down, landing on Meeth's shoulder as she paced out from the ruined building. "They're gone, i waited until they were completely out of sight." He reassured her, she nodded, stroking his muzzle as Nyx, Descent and Toad paced though the street. "Are you all okay?" She asked them, her gaze running over the three dragons. "Oh we're fine." Nyx crooned. "Toad here decided to poke a mimic is all." She explained teasing the small dragon gently. "Mimic?" Meeth inquired, reaching up to scratch Descent under his snout, the companion fluttering over to cuddle in. "Generally they look like chests, lure people and creatures in before attacking them. Though, occasionally one or two have disguised themselves as weapons or other items." Nyx explained. "It was resting on top of a trap door." Toad explained. "And, Nyx pointed out fighting it would potentially draw attention. But..." She continued. "Maybe we could check it out afterwards?"She asked, blinking her huge eyes up at them all. The much larger dragoness snorted in amusement.

Meeth glanced in the direction they'd come from, her eyes narrowed in though as Descent relaxed into her caress. "I see no reason not to, i assume it's not likely to move on is it." Meeth asked, Nyx nodded. "But it will depend on what happens." She warned, before Toad could get too excited, the small dragon bouncing around. "Of course. I think with this snow and the time of night it is, we should have no trouble following the main roadway, at least until we're closer to the castle." Toad suggested. "Especially if Eira is okay to continue flying ahead to keep an eye out." She looked at the younger male, and then his rider, it wasn't that he wouldn't be up for it, he'd shown time and time again he was willing, but more that he had the strength and stamina, and Meeth would likely be a better judge than her.

Eira spoke up. "I should be okay for a bit longer? my wings are starting to ache but night flying isn't too hard, even without thermals." He said, peering at Meeth. "I promise i wont do to much." Meeth looked over him, before nodding, and watched as he climbe dup the ruined side of the building, gaining height before taking off, his wing movements slow and lazy as he climbed the air. "I'll keep an eye on him." Nyx murmured, slipping into the shadows.

The rest of the party followed, the night gripping the ruins of the town as they left it behind, the rocky path hidden beneath the snow as Eira kept watch out, gliding more than flying, his gaze and ears pricked for any movement that may come from the castle ruins; the snow all but obscuring it from view. Around them, an ancient wood spread out, likely a private hunting ground when the castle had been in its prime, now though, the old trees struggled against the snow, but here and there, the occasional winter plant survived. Meeth, astride Descent kept to the main pathway, Toad though moved through the ancient grove, her focus on maybe gathering a few extra winter berries for the party, and if she was lucky, some herbs or something, aware that once he landed, Eira would ache. Her jungle magic flared slightly, as she found an blackberry bush, its berries all but gone except for a few stray ones, but... she could work with it, and any they didn't take, the wildlife would. Manipulating the plant slightly, she coaxed it into producing more berries, not too many, but more than enough to snack on... After several journeys to give the berries to Descent and Meeth, she wandered back off this time in search of other plants.

Eira felt the ache shift to a burn, just as a ruined gate tower appeared, and he could see a faint flicker of light coming from within, a sentry. Swooping down he flared his wings, landing on Descents horns. "There's a tower ahead, and light inside. I couldn't hold the flight anymore." He offered, stretching the muscles slightly, knowing better to let them stiffen. "You did right. Nyx has gone to gather more information." Meeth said, the youngster's chest expanded with pride, Descent chuckled just as Toad came back, several green leaves clasped in her limbs, fluttering up next to Eira as she rubbed them in, Eira crooning as he aches eased somewhat.

At that point Nyx reached out for Meeth's mind. "Just the one, and he's so sluggish from overeating he'd be easy to take." Her tone showed her contempt for such greed and sloth, Descent reached the base of the tower mere moments later, making sure to keep out if sight, just in case. "Can you three have a look around her, i'm going up to help Nyx." Meeth inquired, sensing them nod. Her cloak billowing around her as she slipped into the maw of the ruined tower.

Descent sent his star pearl about, having already confirmed that other than the one heat source in the tower, there were no others, of course his attention been on his star pearl, he walked into a large container. "Ouch." He muttered, 'glaring' at it, it wasn't a Mimic... and the sound it made sounded familiar. Eira waddled over, Toad next to him, a few blackberries in her mouth, as the three of them worked at the chest, unlocking up.... to reveal a glint of silver in the faint moonlight. "Think this was next to be moved?" Eira asked, picking up one... silvence. "Either that or its been brought in for counting... Toad argued.... a grin forming on all three dragons, well this chest was going to vanish as well... more treasure for the rebellion.

Meeth slipped up through the tower, her sword drawn, the tower would be a good place to recover... and as long as a light shone well, hopefully the castle would think the sentry was still there; her gaze landed on a few scattered weapons, broken blades, a bow, even a spear or two; useless to those who didn't think they were worth anything, but metal could be reused, melted down and reforged.... a treasure in its own right. For now though she left them, sensing Nyx's eagerness, the dragoness really didn't like 'bandits' at all, a sudden thump sped up her movements, halting at the sight of the now still sentry, nose wrinkling at the smell. "He woke." Nyx offered by way of explanation... her attention elsewhere. "Now what do we have here?" She mused, poking at the scroll case nearby. Meeth sheathed her blade, stepping over the sentry to look at what Nyx held.....

Author's Notes

WC: 1534
Terrain: Storm/Dark