[CC] Meeth: PA - The Shear Rebellion

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Chapter 9
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Collection of stuff relating to Meeth and the Shear rebellion.

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Author's Notes

Featuring Eira, Descent, Nyx and Toad who is salvaging once again.

Rotating Duty #8

Show your character treasure hunting near or inside ruins. This duty takes place on Shérok

Nyx passed the case to Meeth as she approached her, her attention returning to the sentry; A jaw unlocking as she contemplated on how to get rid of him, it was a bit of a pain to drag him down all the stairs and hide him in the snow, and, that would use energy she was sure they were going to need. Her eye caught on an adjoining door, and she grinned...gripping his boot and dragging him over, nudging the door open she threw him in.... before having a quick look to see if there was anything else of interest, nothing but discarded clothes... and based on the hygiene of the few they'd encountered so far, Nyx doubted Meeth would want them. Slipping back out she closed the door behind her, returning to lurk behind Meeth and peering over the woman's shoulder as she slowly read the scroll. "Huh.... wonder which poor militia pawn they snagged that off?" She commented. Meeth carefully wrapped the scroll back up, returning it to its stunning scroll case. "I'm not sure, but I assume they had plans to sell it on." Meeth responded, hooking the case onto her belt; knowing the rebellion would definitely be interested in it. Nyx cocked her head. "Something wrong?" She asked, as together they headed back down the tower steps, the flame flickering behind them. "Its all a bit too well organized, this whole operation. Even taking into account the .. lack of skilled fighters." Nyx nodded, the cold night air brushing them as they slipped back out into the snow covered land, halting to watch as another chest vanished into the darkness of the encroaching vines, Toad using her magic once again. "You think there's a small unit of skilled and well... more intelligent individuals running it, and these are mere pawns?" Nyx continued, her voice as soft as her riders as the three other dragons spotted them, Meeth nodded as Eira reported on their findings. "whether they are in the castle or not i don't know." Meeth continued mentally to the dark dragon, her halo gleaming as the snow continued to fall.

Toad remained quiet, watching the body language of both rider and well... rider, Nyx been all but impossible to read, but she knew something was bothering the women, and it was something she didn't want to worry Descent or Eira over, Meeth glanced her way and turned her head ever so slightly, an acknowledgement of sorts. "A castle of that size will likely have more than one entrance." Toad commented, fluttering up to land on Descent's head. I certainly wont advice us to go rushing through the main entrance, not after we've got this far without any incidents." Toad said dryly, ignoring Nyx's muttered Mimic comment. "How are you wings?" She asked Eira, who flared them, humming thoughtfully. "I don't think i can do any real long flights, but short bursts yes." He replied. "Those herbs really helped thank you." He bowed to Toad, before taking off to land on Meeth's shoulder. Descent lifted his head, peering towards the castle. "I can't see anything...specific, but there's a rather heat signature to the west.... the rest are blurry... fires maybe." He turned his head, the companion (on his star pearl again) moved up... "Movement... people?" He continued. "I think... the larger heat source may be safer, it isn't moving at all, and i cant make out how many others there is." The male said, lowering his head, to peer at Meeth.

In the end Meeth knew the larger heat source was a better bet, to go rushing in without knowing numbers would be dangerous, and better to reassess later. She nodded, and slowly the parts veered off from the 'main entrance'; unlike the town below, the castle was in a much better state, but the darkness didn't hide its scars fully, breaks in the outer walls revealed snow covered floors inside. Eira crawled over the walls, peering inside where he could, to help keep watch, Descent, would stop every now and again to check for any stray heat sourced... Nyx remained in Meeth's shadows, a silent partner... Toad though, as long as both Descent and Eira gave the all clear, slipped into the castle at parts, having a quick survey of what was inside; ruined banners and tapastries, broken stonework... in fact, the outer wall was in much better condition than the inside... but she could see no sign of any treasure... she halted, head cocked as she heard the labored breathing of something large. In no time she slipped back to the rest of the party. "Whatever it is, it is in pain." Toad whispered, a paw pointing towards a large break in the outer wall.

Meeth drew the sword she wore, not her soul bound one, that she much preferred to keep hidden as she slipped into through the opening, a rattle of chains followed as Descent, with Eira and Toad on his back followed, Nyx materialized just as two slitted eyes opened, one gleaming... the other.... dull. The dragoness hissed, not in threat, but at way lay before them. A large elemental dragon, his wings ruined remnants on his back, horns broken, and scars.... all over him. Eira whimpered, pressing closer to Toad as Descent halted. Meeth stepped forward a hand held out, it was impossible to tell what element he had once been, barely a scrap of scale left on him, but she knew he was a prisoner. "It hurts... A whisper echoed through her mind, the dragons muzzle bound so tight that it was crusted in blood. "Please... free me.." The eyes blinked, her hand halted, and Meeth knew he wasn't talking about freedom from his bindings... Nyx slipped closer, not touching him, not because she didn't want to, but so as to not increase his pain any more; Descent, Eira and Toad inched closer as well. "Are you sure?" Meeth asked softly, The eye blinked at her again, the head shifting so as to stare at her fully.. "Eggs... help...." the body shuddered suddenly, a wracking cough rattling the chains, and beyond the party heard laughter, Meeth's hand clenched on her sword at the sound, before sheathing the normal weapon. "It is his wish." Nyx said softly, a gentle croon. Meeth nodded, her eyes sad as she lightly pressed a hand to the dragons snout. A faint glimmer as second sword appeared, this one gleaming in the faint light that fell from above, along with the snow.

Toad knew her jungle magic couldn't help, the male was so far gone that death would be his only release. "He said eggs, shall we go look for them." She whispered, Descent and Eira looked at Meeth who nodded. The three slipping off, but always careful, and they made sure to stay far from the multitude of heat signatures; Eira and Toad took turns to slip into any rooms, while Descent kept a careful watch out. "Here." Eira said, calling attention to what he assumed had been a armory, though no weapons were here now, instead 3 eggs lay snuggled together, and beyond them, a few small bags, which upon closer inspection revealed to be full of gemstones... "We'll leave them for now, we know they're here... and they will be safe." Toad said, running a paw down the side of one shell, reassuring them that they'd be back.

The dragon lay silent now, no longer in pain; but still Meeth set to work on breaking the chains that had bound him, Nyx as silent as she was; no living thing should have suffer as he had. "Death isn't the end." Nyx said cryptically, placing her talon on Meeth's cloaked shoulder, Meeth didn't respond, wiping the blood of the pristine blade, before it vanished. With careful steps, she tugged on a large ruined tapestry, before lying it over the still dragon, a shroud of sorts.

Descent paced back into the room, Toad and Eira on his back as between them they held a pouch, they all dipped their heads at the covered dragon. "We found three eggs, and some gemstones." Toad said, opening the pouch to reveal and array of colored stones. "Hmmm, they could of been part of his hoard? the eggs as well, if he'd been using the castle as a nest of sorts, that could be why, that would be a mere portion of his hoard." Nyx said, it would explain the torture. "And they were trying to get him to reveal where the rest was... a dragon of his age if he was inclined that was would have a decent collection." She mused. "Well... even if i have to tear this castle down, those... vermin will get whats coming to them." Nyx followed up, her jaws unhinged as she waved a talon, her vindictive nature surfacing.

Meeth gently took the gemstones, placing the pouch down next to the dragon, before turning her attention to beyond the room, the snow falling quicker though the openings above, the night still young. "The eggs are safe?" She asked, her tone sharper than usual; Toad, Eira and Descent nodded. "Good. Ready?" She asked, and all the dragons nodded, this had become more than just gathering resources for the rebellion...

Author's Notes

WC: 1546
Terrain: Storm/Dark