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Chapter 8
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Collection of stuff relating to Meiron and the Erre Coalition

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Author's Notes

Featuring Ruin 880, King 758, Teoxihuitl 776 and The Company 509 who is salvaging in the nearby ruins.

Rotating Duty #8

The Tsotska live in harmony with dragons—including non-elemental dragons! These wild dragons take on all shapes and sizes and can be found throughout nature. From the huge dragon residing in the volcano to the smallest dragons that guard flower patches, each one has a price for its peace. Show your character offering a tribute to one of these wild dragons. This duty takes place on Tsotska d’la Mer.

The tension in the air continued to rise as The Company moved amongst the ruins, Ocean, Storm, Dark and Metal all having to drag Wind away from the stunning wall murals, and even at one point dragging her back out of a smaller opening after she got her head stuck. "But the history, the artwork, some of it is pristine, untouched by weather, and explorers... I wonder if those three don't let very many visitors in? it would explain why I've never seen some of these depictions before. And the stories themselves are ones we know." Wind complained, unfortunately, it was 4 heads against one. Storm hummed, head-turning to stare at Meiron and the dragons. "Who in their right mind would even try to get past those three, if they were elemental dragons I'd say they were earth, all brute strength and no thought." alright, maybe earth dragons weren't all brute strength, but it was certainly true that it was one of their strongest characteristics. This led to an interesting observation about the navy cat, he truly didn't fit the norm of an earth rider. "Oh enough, leave them to do their own, aren't we here to look for more metals? Teeba won't be able to forge anything from those small scraps we've got." Dark hissed.

Meiron caught the occasional glance as the 5 headed dragon looked their way, but for the most part, they seemed more interested in scouring the area for loose metal; which was fine with him. The partnership was working out quite well, he got them access to an area, and they gave him a share of their spoils. For now, though his attention returned to the small fire he'd build, ears twitching as his three dragons waited on 'passing muster'. The cats own tribute was, after all, food, and by the time the 6 dragons finished the next bit, well... they would certainly be hungry.

King's companion looked over her once before baring his teeth in a grin, lowering his body so that the kobald spotted dragon could place them on him. She grinned, her claws more than dextrous enough to complete the armour set; Teo and Ruin she knew, would likely have the get their rider to help if the others followed suit. After shaking himself, he took off at an amble, heading some distance away from the others, and into a larger space amidst the ruins; King followed, easily moving through the layer of snow that blanketed the area; earthen walls of the canyon surrounding the city; parts of it carved from the ground itself. As the other halted, King spotted to moving form of the Company beyond, the other dragon salvaging what they could. She yelped as the other charged her, not having heard the rattle of his armour as he moved. Instinct kicked in and a green glow surrounded her, chunks of earth rising to lash out at the attacking male, the use of magic forced him to shift position, as did King, the swift female darting around him, as she looked for an opening to strike again, her magic humming as they danced around one another.

Teo was aware of King and her companion leaving, but like Ruin his attention was on his own partner; at first, he thought he'd chosen wrong, the largest one not responding until the sounds of 'sparring could be heard from beyond, a hum of magic as the female used it. Finally, the big one, nodded, shifting its weight so that the gaps could be easier seen. Teo glanced at Meiron, unlike King, his forepaws were not dextrous (and Ruin had no forelimbs at all). His rider came over after bowing to the large male, and carefully (and quite well for him) looped the smaller bits into place. Waiting only until Meiron was out of the way, and the other had straightened, before he darted forward, his own earth magic surging to cover him in a protective coat or dirt, the much larger dragon, grounding himself as the collided; all of the energy he'd had to contain been pushed into Teo's magic, and inch by slow inch, he moved the non-elemental dragon, though always careful of both his scythe wings and his protofeathers on his arm. After all, he didn't want to hurt the other.

Thankfully Ruin didn't have to place his offerings on the female, nor get Meiron to help. She instead took hold of them, crooning a thank you as she carefully placed them. She cocked her head at him thoughtfully, before bounding off, with Teo and his partner sparring so close, she obviously wanted some space between them. Ruin flared his wings, powerful hind legs sending him into the air, the snow billowing into a flurry as he spotted her from weaving amidst the ruins, darting past the salvaging form of The Company, who currently had all her heads inside a rather larger structure, metal gathering in their arms. Suddenly she vanished, Ruin flitting this way and that to find her. His ears twitched as he passed a rather large rock pillar and he dove, to avoid a sharp spear, another came, this time though, like King and Teo he called on his earth magic, creating an earthen shield as he looked for the female. There. Atop a tall building... complete with a ballista was the dragon. Her 'dress' gleaming in the light as she launched another volley at him. Baring his teeth (not that anyone could see) he counted with a boulder, green glowing around it as he launched it towards her.

Storm hissed as the small, feathered and bejewelled non-elemental dragon surged past har, their arms tightening on the metal they'd so far found. Even with Wind getting sidetracked by the murals on the wall, their finds had increased further.....in fact, it was at the point where they literally had no 'arm' space left. "Maybe we should ask Meiron if we could place some in one of those bags?" Ocean suggested; peering over to where the cat seemed to be 'cooking'... if it could be called that. "Metal?" Ocean inquired, even as Dark, Storm and Wind continued rummaging around the snow-covered ruins, every now and they'd manage to find something of interest. "Meiron? Would it be any trouble for us to use an empty bag for some of these?" A loud smash them all wincing, heads swivelling to where Ruin had launched a rather larger boulder at his partner, his chests heaving, another glance further at where King and Teo revealed both to be in similar conditions, tired. "Sure, by the time I feed this lot I'll likely have more than one." Came the response, startling in its clarity.

Meiron could sense the three's fatigue as the spats continued, but he could also feel their enjoyment of the task at hand; these of earth magic tingling over his own senses; but it was The Company that approached him first, metal and other objects clasped in their arms, a rather large selection. Leaving the fire for a moment, he grabbed the empty bags and helped her place as much as they could in, it would certainly be easier to carry. What didn't ft, The Company circled around even as one of the heads snuck forward, grabbing a chunk of meat from the 'pile'. "It could do with more seasoning." Was the offered comment, which Meiron ignored. A shadow passed over them as Ruin back winged to land, his focus on the food that the cat had prepared, chunks of meat, some raw still others cooked, and gathering of fruit and herbs, King and Teo paced over to join them, as did the three non-elemental dragons, who peered over at The Company's hoard, dipping their heads in greeting to the 5 headed one.

All three earth dragons were tired, and yet, they felt so alive as well; the non-elemental dragons had enjoyed the sparring, it had been clear in the movements as they'd 'danced', even the unpredictable earth magic King, Ruin and Teo had thrown in had simply added to the challenge. Now though, their minds were on the food offered. Meiron had walked back and carefully selected some stuff, offering it to the three non-elemental dragons in turn. Each took a single offering in acceptance and waited until not only Ruin, King and Teo had picked one item, but also The Company and Meiron.

Only once Meiron had sat down, did the feast begin, and while the Company hadn't really been part of the tribute, they were welcomed, it seemed the three had spotted her careful movements around the ruins, minimizing how much damage she had the potential to do, and were grateful of it. As for the bestia's feast, despite Storm's comment about it needing more seasoning, they wolfed it down. The atmosphere relaxed as the dragons sat side by side, shoulders touching as the food began to dwindle, not surprising, with 6 hungry dragons, a 5 headed dragon and a cat.

All in all, a successful tribute.... and salvaging expedition.

Author's Notes

WC: 1506
Terrain: Earth/Storm