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Chapter 1
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Assortment of adventures, collab with Tehutiy

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Author's Notes

Featuring Tsillah, Syringa & Uriași as well as Isa and Aura

Rhapsody Gathering #1

The city was strange, isolated, a beacon hanging in the chronoscape; suspended by rings in the endless void. It should have been desolate, uninhabitable, instead it shone there, like it's own private star within the vast rings. Circling and rotating both ways. Each filled with lights, magic that cloaked the sphere with light and nutrients. A series of pseudo-suns locking in an artificial atmosphere... Rhapsody incarnate. A symphony of magic and technology that nestled a haven in its melody; all the staples of life, artifice in brass and chrome.

The city of Rhapsody was, very probably, the single most concentrated speck of potential and commerce one could find... provided you could find it. Cloaked from dangers, and challenges alike it was a hard place to find, but well worth the effort if you could enter its shell. A haven for innovation and freedoms, entrepreneurship, technologies kept decades ahead within its confines, and steadily trickled out to the worlds beyond. Within the city businesses monitored themselves, regulated their own advances. No taxation, no impediments to stop every able body achieving their best... gaining access was the only hurdle, and from there the world expanded before you. People left responsible for their own path and their own successes... encouraged, expected even, to learn and promote new skills. Take on passions, forge connections and expand; to do whatever one must to survive and to prosper, and free to do as they wish beyond.

The city itself was an art piece; all a soft geometry and sleek lines. Rich wood and polished stone, accented by copper, brass and chrome. Streets rose steadily to one side as they entered, subtly directing the flow of people with its curvature alone. The tiered steps all rising to a central hub, booths and polished turnstiles, each topped with floating clocks offering a different timezone. Helping visitors to orient themselves to the local time.

Tsillah watched the crowds, curious but patient, not moving until a green light filtered all around them, like curls of magic, accompanied by a melodic chime that, for a clearly automated signal, was surprisingly pleasant to the ear. A soft tremor in their shuttle making clear the fact they had reached the landing even as the doors opened and she grinned down at the blorb. "Welp, here we are." the elf purred, flashing a card at a robotic curator as they moved into the station and retrieving two tickets - no one said anything about the dragons that accompanied them, even as Uriaśi practically drooled for the space that opened around them.

People traded at several stalls set out around them, the whole place looking more like a high-end marketplace than a port. No few items would have been excluded strictly to the black market in other places, but here they exchanged hands freely. The city chose to avoid promoting a black market by regulating the same, and it worked well. The girl studying a few as they passed and scratching the ears of the maneki on her shoulders. Tickets in hand the elf moved through the stile and into a sparkling lobby, tiered lights beckoning, framing a few varied doors, all clearly labeled but one again rose. The railings on the stairs decorated with the same lights, domed this time, serving as handrails and leading toward what was clearly the exit. A soft whooshing sound and they were in a new area.

The ceiling here was vast and high, domes of glass letting sun into the station. Arched curls and chevrons arched out from the teleporters and toward sculpted pillars. The city beyond bright with the artificial sun. Convenience stands were dotted about, snacks, maps and the occasional trinket booth. Souvenirs. At the center of it all two people rose, larger than life. One cast in copper the other chrome, tied together by brass details and an inscription on the gears beneath their feet; "Rationality. Individuality. Liberty. Passion." The view one could see, and the sounds of the streets, certainly encouraged those words positive and utopian, birds singing and children laughing where vehicles of all sorts hovered above, well above pedestrian traffic. Towers soared above, tiers and spires all glowing in the sun before blossoming into terraces. The smallest towered easily thirty feet, while what seemed the 'central' tower rose above all the rest. The buildings around flowing in neat, measured waves as they spilled to the edges of habitation. "Welcome to Rhapsody." the girl offered, almost in time with an automaton that swung down from a rail in the ceiling as they moved toward the street. Cheery as if it had a personality beneath the metal. There were a number of robots about, cleaning the streets, accompanying children's and adults alike, even a few seemingly manning small shops and storefronts. Moving down the street found a barbershop quartet singing on the corner, all androids, playing up to a modest crowd.

Aura wasn't a stranger to the Chronoscape, she may not be as adventurous as the others but she did need to enter its corridors to get some of the other items they needed; but the city before her was unlike anything she'd ever seen before, rings circling and rotating, the hum of electricity coating the metallic constructs, it was as beautiful as it was alien. A slight movement to her left had her glancing at her rider, watching it as it observed something to one side; she was glad they were with Tsillah, the female one her rider had encountered before on its adventures, and who seemed to familiar enough with the city. "Interesting-nya." Isa commented, tail slipping through several folks legs as it waved, the stilla grinning back up at Tsillah. Aura though took matters into her own arms, before her bouncing rider could wander off too far, reaching down to hold him in her arms, unfazed by the sharp metal scales that brushed it as they boarded the shuttle. A few others meanwhile tried to step away, though the shuttles movements were so smooth. "You're drooling." Aura commented to the other dragon as they disembarked from the shuttle, well aware of what his response would likely be. Isa meanwhile continued to peer around, its ears pricking at every sound, and the dragon could feel the unspent energy, but for now she kept her grip on it, Cam may be the most likely to find trouble, but the stilla could find it on its own. "Are you sure we'll be able to find what we need?" Aura asked Tsillah, true a city of this scope and advancement, would likely have some sort of greenhouse, but whether it had what she needed, she'd have to wait and see. "We'll find it-nya." Isa commented, wriggling to peer up at Aura.

"If you can't find it in Rhapsody, you'll find someone who can point you to it, trust me." Tsillah assured the pair, glancing back as Syringa peeked over her shoulder, and snorted for the drooling comment. Reaching up and snagging the thunder by his snout and pulling him down, before he could get his coils into anything. "Buisness before pleasure Uri, common." she swatted the slim dragon, moving into the city calmly. "So, what are these plants for, anyhow, Aura?" the girl asked, hands in her pockets as she moved along the cobbled streets. The paths were broad and tiered, with bridges of polished stone and wood stretching overhead to allow wildlife to move about and plants to grow uninhibited by the cityscape below. Gilded planters dotted the walks generously given there was no concern for vehicles on the thoroughfares; everything seemingly aiming toward a central tower. Closer it was clear a good chunk of the spire's height was actually disattached from the rest. A gleaming shaft, not unlike a metallic iceberg with its tiered surface reaching upward and down, ringed by one of the floating satellites like the planet was. This ring didn't seem to provide light however, beyond the refraction of what was not, like surrounding buildings, chrome or copper, but glass. Observation zones, offices, dwellings of some description at any rate. The elf hummed as they went, echoing the music filtering from no few storefronts and kiosks. Claiming several fruits as they went and offering one to Isa as she bit into her own - what looked to be a cross between a plum and an apple. Holding the same over her shoulder for Syrin to have a bite. "Don't come here often enough, honestly. Its nicer every time I swear." she shook her head and took another bite, alternating with the jungle until the fruit was gone and keeping a weather eye on Uraşi so the thunder didn't get too many ideas... or wander off in a daze of euphoria. Either far too likely with the expression on his face, her eyes thinned as a flicker of blue caught her eye and a hand whipped out. Snatching the bundle of feathers before he could get too far she glared at the budgie, ignoring the clear pout behind his goggles. "No, bad birdy, stay with your wyrm." she ordered, firmly returning Mac to his spines and rolling her eyes.

Aura nodded, still pacing along behind Tsillah, tightening her grip on Isa as she felt it move around, peering at everything around it. Maybe she should buy a leash. She snorted at the idea, more amusing would be her riders reaction to it. "Look, some plants-nya." Isa said, eyeing up the gilded planters. Aura slowed peering at the strange greenery, it wasn't too big, and yet it accented the area brilliantly, and she could tell a lot of thought had been put into it. Hesitating for a moment she placed Isa on the ground. "Do not wander off." She said sternly, Isa chortled and bounced a bit, but didn't wander too far, intrigued by the fruit Tsillah offered him. Aura raised a paw to very very gently touch the plant closest to her, careful her sharp scales didn't damage them. "They're actually to light up the den, Isa here and the dark dragons can see perfectly well in the dark, but Cam and Aki can't." She said, shaking her head the eager youngsters had somehow managed to come out slightly worse the wear when they'd been looking for something. "Fire is too dangerous, especially if'm not there." She continued, picking up a rather odd blue fruit that clung to a plant nearby, she looked at it before nibbling on it. "We did try glow bugs-nya..... But Chusi, Cam and Aki ate them all.-nya" Isa supplied, bouncing up on to a small, engraved pedestal to better hunt for the greenery. "And while i know we can get some around the den, we could do with some of a.... more sturdy stock? If that made sense." Aura finished, holding out the blue fruit for her rider, in a portion size she knew he could eat. "And one that we know its definitely not dangerous to anyone, just incase it get nibbled on."

"Ah, clever," the girl agreed, then hummed, "There's some nice ones around my den, actually, if you need more, but what are you wanting specifically, or just bioluminescence?" She inquired, snorting as both Urasi and Syrin perked with interest for the thought as well. Uri for the bioluminescence and Syrin for the use of plants, climbing higher on her rider's back and peeking up at the larger dragoness. Tsillah only nodded for the explanation, both of them as Isa popped in. "Maybe some crystals, I know several that can hold sparks of electricity and fire magic and things... anyhow gives us more an idea what we're looking for." She mused, as Syrin nodded firmly or the 'not dangerous' comment. She was a storm, but the last thing she wanted was someone actually hurt.

"As long as it provides a stable light source, and well... needs little to keep it well." Aura offered, taking small nibbles of the fruit around her, she recognized none of them, which is why she was only tasting in small bits. "None of us are particularly green fingered." She apologized. Isa chimed in, chortling. "We tried crystals-nya. Kyran ate them-nya." The stilla explained. Aura sighed. "Yes, and he was ill afterwards, they're meant as a treat." She scolded her rider, who twitched its ears, not that Isa had actually been at fault, it'd been elsewhere with Chusi during that incident. She ate another of the blue fruit and stopped. "Should we pay for these somewhere?" She asked, she was more used to the wilderness than a city made of metal and electric, yet seemed to have a mine forest within its grasp. She peered at Syringa as the small dragoness appeared, offering the blue fruit to her.

"The fruits are for passers-by, and those who need them, there are larger groves down in the greenho- um, low income yet to be established sector." she indicated a section of the city that had its buildings closer together, but was otherwise indiscernible from the rest of Rhapsody. "They do pretty well around here, but no, only if someone is actually trying to sell them... that said probably don't want to eat too many. They're deceptively filling but it takes a few minutes to notice." Tsillah supplied, coughing as if speaking from experience. "Um, the botanical district probably has more options... and more fruits if you're still hungry when we get down there." the elf chuckled, but indicated the direction, where a glass dome shone like a diamond and several fountains washed down from it. More tiered planters and paths hanging from its surface like some elaborate wedding cake.

Aura nodded, but did place a few of the blue fruits in a special bag she'd brought, carefully constructed to withstand her sharp scales; Isa hopped down from where it had been, carefully placing some small berries next to Aura so she could take them as well. Both had promised the others they'd bring back something to eat, satisfied Aura pounced on Isa, getting hold of the Stilla and holding it; Isa chortled, purring as it replied. "Sounds good-nya." Aura halted spotting what looked to be some sort of transport, and it looked to heading towards the district Tsillah had pointed out, she glanced over at the female, who nodded, before stepping on it, flattening the scythe wings... so as to not poke anyone's eye out.

Author's Notes

WC: 1969
Terrain: Thunder