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Not a race, closer to a trade union. Make up most of the private interstallar ships in what Humans would call the Orion spur. Crews tends to be diverse.

In the modern era, the only way to "own" a Plyd ship is to have previously served on one.

According to their histories, Plyd was the name of a long-lived trader - possibly a former slave or slaver, depending on the account. Their species was not known, but they are responsible for Plyd's bylaws - the basis of local intergalactic trade, and are believed to be the one who propagated early Lightspeed tables (read, finding the speeds where FTL while living is a very dangerous, arduous process) throughout the Spur through their trade.


From a distance, humans might identify one as either a centaur or a centipede. Their chitinous shells grow faster than the rest of their bodies - and a single individual is unable to do the necessary trimming, without which a Hrutxcan will eventually become immobile and die.

They live in groups - a powerful matriarch holding sway over up to 50 or so individuals. Usually, though, it's less than 10. Her husbands are her enforcers, there may be lesser wives in larger groups. Children are seen as belonging to the matriarch, and to a lesser extent the siring husband. Lesser wives are largely dispossessed.

They are very territorial, whatever they define a properly sized territory to be.... it tends to be smaller if in the presence of other species.

Since their homeworld was introduced to space travel, conflicts have settled down significantly, because there's always someplace else to go. Consequently, most mixed colonies/towns (and many otherwise single-species colonies) will have a Hrutxcan clan in walking distance, which can always be called on the defense of that colony if need arises.


Taller than humans, bipeds with fine black fur in dark skin, extremely gaunt, wide white eyes and a pink muzzle. Certain humans would say they bare a passing resemblance to the Disney character "Goofy", at least while wearing their headscarves.

They are one of the bogeymen of the Spur. Overcrowded colony ships will drift by a planet, sending down a few Ouinhed in drop pods. If those dropped can find a "home" and make contact with the ship, more will be disgorged - though the ship is never abandoned, it launches towards the next destination when the population has been reduced to a minimum, repopulating along the way. If those dropped never make contact, the ship launches with it's settlers intact. The flight usually takes decades, and is not in a straight line.

Already settled planets will usually rush to capture or kill those dropped, as Ouinhed are "known" to only actually use resources efficiently when they have no other option, depleting planets resources. That is, known Ouinhed colony worlds are self-sustaining, but all extremely densely populated.

Unable to contact with their colony ship, dropped Ouinhed will sometmes be allowed to become members of wider society, if they can be effectively isolated from other droppers.