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Chapter 10
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part one

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The truth is simple: Caramel is afraid.

She knows that the rift must be confronted again, especially now, that she had a little knowledge of what it was like beyond it. Especially now, for it was a duty of hers, as a newly T3 Mage, recognized by the King Euricus himself. It is plain and simple for anyone to see: the rift needed to be taken care of, to explore, and possibly rescue whoever else might be trapped in its sandy floors.

Yet, she was afraid. 

The whole place was worrying, heavy with an unexplainable feeling that the pouflon couldn’t quite stand. Uneasiness. Loneliness. For the last, it didn’t matter if she had

The events from her last adventures weighted on her mind as well. Lately, the frightening sight of a corrupted leviathan flashed through her mind. Could Caramel truly go back, knowing that that might not even be the only thing that dwelled in the rift?

In the end, Caramel forces herself to ignore everything that plagues her mind. After the training, the ceremony of her new title, Caramel goes back to her duties, and now, to the present. She's at the temple corridors, following two knights, and a few others that were conducting a search through the Rift. Rose walked beside her, and some of the faces from before insisted on coming with them, completely ignoring Caramel`s warnings of the dangers that the rift posed to them.

“Hey, Rose?” She whispers to the Vespire. It takes a moment, but the dragon moves, meeting Caramel`s gaze. “Are you as nervous as I am?”

“To be honest? Yes.” The vespire gives her a smile.  “I keep thinking about last time.”

“Yeah....” Caramel pauses a little, unsure of what to say, or if she even needed to say it. Alas, she is swiftly interrupted.

"Hey there", a third voice is suddenly between them. "You're Caramel and Rose, right?” A curt nod is all that this pouflon needed. Caramel recognizes her: a yellow knight, one that commanded the attack back on Chrysanthos. Amy was her name? “I just wanted to tell you   congratulations on your titles!I remember you two from Chrysanthos, back with the Entity business. I thought you two were great, full of potential, mhm mhm!” she cheerfully nods. But before any of them could answer, the knight kept talking. “I just want you to know, you’re great!It's perfectly normal to be nervous on your first mission. We veterans can totally help you out, okay?”

“I... Thank you.” It's Rose who answers, looking as confused as Caramel herself. The mage quickly mimics the thanks. 

"Hey now, Amy." Another pouflon she recognized. A red faced knight, with an impressive mane. Reina. "Don't overwhelm them."

 “No, it 's okay. I really appreciate it.” Caramel says. “I'm surprised you remember me.”

Amy quickly brightens again.

 “Oh, how could I not!Your flowers are all so pretty. Also, the one in your eye is pretty cool, no way I wouldn't remember it.”

Oh. Right. It's been a while since someone mentioned that.

“Amy, what did I just tell you?" Reina bumps the yellow lon, earning an oww from her. With a much more stern voice, Reina talks back to the brown lon and the vespire. "I commend you two for the achievement. But, as much as I'd like to make small talk like a certain someone, we must be ready."

"Yeah." Another new voice. This one was a red lon, one of the knights, Klondike was her name, if Caramel remembered right. "We're here."

The whole group stops, multiple pairs of eyes taking in the sight of the Rift. It looked the same as it did days ago, weird and enticing at the same time.

It makes Caramel shiver.

"Are we all ready to go?" Klondike asks, turning to face the crowd of uneasy pouflons and Vespires. "Knights and Mages go first. The rest can enter right after, and if anything goes wrong, please don't hesitate to voice it."

They go in, then.

Caramel is out of breath for a short while. She closes her eyes, but they still burn from the white light that envelops her, reality shifting to accommodate its new visitors. Something seems to grip at her chest, squeezing her beating heart. This all lasts for a moment. Because, in the next, Caramel eyes flashes open again, and her pooves feel the sand give in slightly from her weight, but holding her in place all the same.

The Rift greets them again, in its eerie silence and heavily magic air. It doesn't look all that different from before. The sky is still colorful, painfully so. The swords of a forgotten fight litters the grounds, beautiful, still frightening for all it implies.

Yet, it still gives Caramel a sense of unease.