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Chapter 14
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part one

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Author's Notes

this is some things I wanted to happen, plus amy things. the last part is mostly self indulgent, I just wanted to write about Amy and Axel talking while I think of how to describe what's next


The world comes to a complete pause for a moment, still and peaceful. She couldn’t hear much, not the cries of Nebula giving into corruption, not the sound of pooves hitting the ground towards her, not anything. All she hears is a voice, whispering: finally, finally, it’s about time. 

Letting the lillies finally take over feels like surfacing from deep water: the body feels lighter, colors crystalize into sharper forms, and distance sounds resolve into clear words. Such a different sensation from the corruption, one that exhilitared instead of bringing dread, one that made her feel so much powerful than ever, instead of a helpless being that can do nothing to stop the madness from entering her mind. 

This is a kind of madness, she thinks, while Caramel walks aimlessly. Is it? Do you truly feel so? Just give up, give up to the feeling, don`t think.

She tries to fight back against the voice, but then pain  follows, of vines trying to squeeze her bones until they break. She listens to the voice. Good, I knew you'd come around.

She is gone, then. Before anyone can reach and stop, she is lost to the feeling, and whoever`s came to see, finds nothing in her place.


The next day, things proceed like normal. There are whispers going around, the knights and mage are gathered, talking among themselves. That is, except for a particular vespire Knight. Before, Klondike had woken up almost everyone, to talk about what happened before, and discuss a plan of action. They didn't know how to tell the vespire. And, as time passes, they know she`ll notice, from the moment she wakes up, to find an empty spot beside her in the tent.

Axel proposes they tell her right away. Avalon says they should do a rescue party, or simply wait for Jishui and Tejat to come back -- they might know something. Someone else suggests to simply lie, but that's immediately discarded. They argue between themselves.

When Rose wakes up, the whispers stop. Everyone pretends to be doing something, some letting their emotions be shown through the movements of their tails. Reina has a permanent scowl on her face. Aoife tail rattles, an unsettling sound.

Rose approaches the group, one brow raised in confusion.

“Good morning. Where’s Caramel?” Rose asks, seemingly the first to notice. The way the rest of the group shifts, eyes darting away from the vespire, does not go unnoticed by Rose. She huffs. “Actually, we seen to be missing Nebula as well. Where are they?”

The silence worries her. Finally, Rose snarls, showing her teeth.

“Things happened yesterday…” Klondike approaches, trying to explain.

“What things?” Rose demands, now seething. Pneumir escapes from her nostrils, more unconsciously than anything else. This, and ultimately,  “Where is she? I want to see her.”

There is a pregnant pause. No one dares to utter a word, even when Rose continue to growl and let out pneumir, that fell softly in the sandy ground. 

“Where is she?”

Truth is, no one knows.

“We don’t know.” Klondike finally manages to mutter. “She and Nebula disappeared yesterday… At night.” She hurries to explain then, for the expression in the vespire face is frightening at best. “I don`t know what happened, exactly. She just...”

“She just what? Tell me.”

“Uh, she disappeared. Bringing Nebula with her, in vines… She didn’t look very well.”

“Since night? Why hasn`t any of you gone after her?”

“Look, it’s dangerous.” This was Reina now, stepping in front of them. “We didn’t decide anything yet. Don’t you know why she left at all?”

“Would I be asking if I knew?” Rose spat.

How could this happen? 

“Let’s look for her.”


How could this fucking happen? 

Rose looks at Reina, and starts growling.

“Hey now!” It’s Axel that intervenes, his body snaking to go between the two. “Calm down, Rose. We know they’re missing, but I think it’s best to wait for Jishui and Tejat to come back.” The pink knight keeps growling, but her eyes dart to Axel. Still willing to listen. Good. “They might know, they’ve been wandering through the rift for a while, searching for a way to go back home. Alright?”

Another huff. Rose’s tail is tapping the ground incessantly, raising dust around them.

“Fine. I’ll wait, then.”

Wait they do.

The group resumes talking, while Rose retreats to her tent. She's seething, mind clouded with anger. Rose just can't believe this. First, the way out is closed, so they can't go  back. Next, her friends disappear, and no one dares to do something about it? Because it's dangerous to go out, or because Caramel went crazy or something?

She can't help but worry, secluded in her little tent, with only an empty bed to make her company.


"Axel, what did you mean by that?" Amy approaches the vespire, seemingly in a better mood than everyone else. Or, at least, she acts friendly and nice, which Axel feels like it's very much needed right now.

He flicks his head. 


"The twins are searching for a way home. Is it true? Are we stuck here?"

"Uh, i think so. You should tell me, I'm not the one who jumped into the crack in the sky. How would you rate the experience, by the way?"

"Uncomfortable, would never do it again." She shakes her head disapprovingly. 

“So? Are we stuck here, or did you guys come knowing how to go back home?”

“Just between us, maybe we’re all stuck here. But you didn’t hear it from me!”

“Riiight.” She’s strange. Axel isn’t all that surprised by the knowledge. Suspected it, even. If even the twins, that seemed some sort of higher beings, didn’t know, he doubted the group would. 

For a moment he doesn’t know what to say. Amy keeps talking:

“So, what do you guys do around here? I’m getting bored.”

“You can play the alphabet game with me and Avalon.” Amy makes a face. “There’s really not much to do around.”