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Chapter 3
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part one

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Author's Notes

have this:

writing in english is an adventure


For a moment, it felt like everything stopped. Her whole world, the battle, the Entity, everything.

She felt so scared. Perhaps this was even worse to the corruption that affected her body before, stealing away her memories, yet somehow still keeping the faint discomfort of pain. 

And then it all resumed. 

It lasted barely a few seconds. Caramel felt a gust of wind in her face, powerful enough to force her wings open. Whoever did it, managed to get the orange Pouflon away from the Entity’s path, barely enough to save her from any serious injuries. Even so, she grunted in pain. Part of the vines on her tail were torn, that quickly grew back, but still caused a dull pain. 

Caramel almost panicked then. The corruption! The corruption could swallow her again, rendering useless. No, no, she couldn’t, she… Wasn't feeling any different? Huh?

Her thoughts were soon interrupted by a noise. She saw a pink form going rapidly to her.

“Caramel! Are you okay?” So it was Rose. Her eyes fluttered lightly, a glint of concern in them. “Why did you rush into battle so soon? Didn't you listen to the healer?”

“I--” Caramel's voice failed her. She didn't feel particularly scared. Or anything, for that matter. Strange. The only indication of her distress was her body language, the tail she never seemed to control in these situations swishing around, trembling slightly in the process. The corruption wasnt spreading anymore. Does that mean that she couldn't get it anymore? Certainly useful, but...

“You two!” A voice called to them. It was Reina, one of the knights, with her sword was at her feet. “Stop dawdling and go after the monster! It’s almost down!”

“Yessir!” was Rose immediate response.

Oh. Was it injured?

On a closer look, you could say that yes, the entity was injured. It moved slightly slower, and its mouth hanged open for longer, as if it was trying to suck in more air to its lungs. It stopped for a bit, after receiving a blow-- more like a explosion from Blanche -- just what kind of magic did that Pouflon use? Yet, it wasn’t enough to stop it. 

The entity continues walking, swatting away Pouflons and Vespires in its way. It kept growling as it moved, as if building up a roar. The monster was getting closer and closer to Chrysantos main gate.

Caramel can see the knights from her group taking flight, going after the entity. Rose was still at her side, eyeing her suspiciously.

“Are you really good enough to keep going?” the vespire asked, this time sounding slightly annoyed.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

Rose eyed her suspiciously, thinking if it was worth the trouble of dragging Caramel back to the camps in Chrysantos. In the end, she just breathed out smoke in a sigh.

“Okay, But you’re still gonna tell me why you did this. You know you needed to rest.”

Caramel flinched. This was so different from the kind Vespire she met earlier. 

“I couldn’t sit idly while they fought. Else I’d go crazy.” She tried to explain.

Rose growled.

“But we don’t know what’s the effects of the corruption, let alone if you had any damage.” Then her expression softened. “I understand you want to fight. But do be careful. You’re much more useful alive than dead.”

The pouflon didn't understand how she could shift from an angel to a monster so easily. She deserved the scolding, Caramel supposed.

“I know.” it was all Caramel could offer for an apology.

“Let’s go, then. I heard the Entity is close to falling.”

Caramel could all but hope. She was getting tired of fighting, tired of seeing how useless her powers were so far. And she knew she should do something about it, when it was all over. If not for herself, then to protect the others she cared about. 

Caramel looked over to the Entity, she and Rose quickly catching up with her group. It roared again, its great sound being carried by the wind.