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Chapter 4
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part one

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Tulipa sighed, finally taking a break from her work. Tulipa never thought she’d be working as a healer in some point of her life. She was happy enough with the little flower shop, tending to plants or making beautiful arrangements for somelon. Sure, she did know a few spells here and there, and her friends did tell her a lot that she was talented with healing spells and potion brewing. The flower shop was enough, however. Tulipa would never see herself actually pursuing the healing field. If it wasn’t for the current situation with the Entity, of course. If not for tha, she wouldn’t willingly be in a tent, tending to injured knights and mages.

It was horribly tiring work, for starters! Tulipa was always horrible with multitasking. And nobody listened to her! The amount of weary knights and hurt mages that came to her and just immediately darted off to danger again was outrageous! Simply dreadful. 

And they still came back to her, sometimes corrupted. The most recent was a tall looking Pouflon, with the company of a Rose, a nice pink coated Vespire. Both of them corrupted, for goodness sake! They should know how complicated it was to cleanse a lon. Enough to not risk getting corrupted again, or stars know what. Tulipa knew that, not long after, the tall pouflon entered the fight again.

She sighed again, and stared at her sleeping Puppea, curled up in a ball on a corner. Nothing to it. Tulipa had to continue working. So she rested on a pillow, laying down to listen to the sounds of wings flapping outside, an uneasy bustling. 

Focusing on those, Tulipa fell into an uneasy sleep.


Caramel kept flying slightly behind Rose and the Knights, distracted. Caramel wasn’t thinking about anything in particular. She just had a distant look, a frown whenever her eyes caught the Entity.

It was refusing to stop. No matter what attacks Blanche throwed at the monster, it kept going, heading straight to Chrysantos main gate. It ignored the scratches, the slashes from Reina and Amelia, and it kept going. Like it was a force of nature.

This made Caramel shudder. What if they couldn’t stop it in time? Or what if it just healed itself, uncaring of the damage dealt so far? It was certainly a possibility, considering the low, but furious growl the Entity emitted.

She shook her head. No time for that! Caramel picked up her pace, reaching Rose.

“Do we have a plan?” she asked. Rose frowned. Of course not.

So they went on attacking, once again. Caramel, Blanche, and some other mages started their spell, while the knights brandished their swords against the monster. She could identify Fairy, Willow and Sonder amongst the mages, as well as the others from her group: Reina, Amelia, Amias, who quickly joined Perth not that far from them.

Their relentless attacks kept going for a while, Caramel wasn’t sure of how long. She was panting, and her tail trembled slightly, as if struggling to keep it contained. The attacks only stopped when they all heard a loud, defaening crash.

The gate. 

The gate was destroyed.