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Chapter 5
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part one

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The gate was breached, and the entity growled in the roads of Chrysanthos.

A collection of sounds were heard. Screams, gasps, and pleas for someone to just do something against it. Could the Entity not be stopped? Would it defy all logic, despite being tired and injured? They saw Opal dealing the finishing blow, only a few moments ago. They saw the monster stumble, fall. Then, why?

 Ontop of all, the entity vicious snarls continued;

Caramel was frozen in place.  Caught in a trance, watching the entity growl while it walked, like an unstoppable force of nature. Her wings were the only thing that kept her in place. She stood there, staring at what seemed like a carefully well planned scene. It couldn’t be happening, it couldn’t, she--

“You two!” Once again, someone snapped her out of her mind. Caramel looked over to see Reina, a very familiar sight. “Go and take whoever’s in the way. You’ve done enough.”

“B-but, lady Reina--” Rose started to protest, voice cracking. 

“No buts! Let the others more experienced take care of this. Now go!”

The vespire looked like she was going to protest again, but all she did was huff. Reina, on the other hand, followed the other knights from the group with not so much as looking behind herself. All of their group left them behind. 

Caramel looked at her.

“You know, I hate to admit, but she’s right. And...” Perth was screaming something about the archers, to prepare to fire. “I don’t want to get caught on that.”

The pink vespire gave her a crooked smile.

“Fair enough.”

Of course, none of them were too happy with Reina command. Caramel wanted to do something to help stop the entity. Rose thought that, if they held on a little bit longer, it would be enough. The monster was at its final breaths, close to just succumbing to all their efforts. She was absolutely furious that knights would dismiss her like her efforts weren’t enough. Sure, Rose wasn’t a knight yet, but she was no less worthy.

I suppose i should listen to reason, she thought briefly, flapping her wings. She and Caramel tended to the mess the streets have become. Her ears flattened, sensitive to the piercing screams.

Oh, what a terrible sight.

SInce the Entity spread corruption whenever it went, in the process they got a few bypassers, mostly just curious lons and vesps who watched the Entity fall for the first time. Letting a bit of pneumir come out of her mouth, Rose hurried over to the small ones first. She and Caramel worked to get them as far as as possible from the fight, sometimes to healers, sometimes to healer tents. 

The corrupted ones gleamed, easy enough to spot. It was great that the two of them couldn’t get whatever illness that was, for the pink vespire didn’t want to think what could happen to them. Funny, for now touching it just gave Rose a weird electrical jolt through her body, nothing more.

A while after, the two of them stopped to rest. Rose was letting out shallow breaths.

A few moments of silence passed. Rose listened to the sounds of battle. 

“This is an odd experience.” Caramel said, a weird expression on her face.

“Tell me about it.” Her left ear twitched. 

“Um…” Caramel was now looking away. Endearing. “Thank you. For sticking with me through this.” Oh, so that was it. She looked adorable, fidgeting her pooves like a shy geode. 

“Think nothing of it. You know...” Rose's tail curled around her own body. “I talked to you at first because you looked as lost as I was.”

Rose was rewarded with a laugh;

“Did I now?”

“Surely. It was endearing.”

“We should be friends when this ends.” Caramel muttered.

They already were, technically, but she didn't protest. Instead, Rose smiled and nodded. It’d be nice;

The two of them stood for a few more minutes there, in a comfortable silence. Alas, they still had to do their work, so eventually that was exactly what they did, flying up to the sky again.