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Chapter 7
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part one

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After being forced to check out the city of Aequor, the group was completely exhausted. Accompanying Naia was tiring in itself, and sadly, Caramel still had to get used  to swimming around. She appreciated the tour, of course, but still had a lot of trouble moving. Her focus was soon more on trying to not get left behind the group, rather than check out this amazing stall who had the best kelp rolls in the whole city.

They spent the night in a room in the castle. Caramel couldn't stop staring at the intricate rocks and patterns that adorned the castle walls. Black and blue stone, everything had a regal feeling about it, which left both the lon and the vespire in complete awe. Caramel didn't know about Rose, but she never really went to a castle before, never in whole life. So this was a very unique experience.

She couldn't stop staring, especially when Caramel and Rose were led to their rooms. Potted corals, glowy lamps, and furniture as good looking as the rest of the castle itself.

"This is amazing" she commented to the pink vespire, once they settled in for the night. "How did you even meet a capricorn princess, Rose?"

"Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are." The vespire answered, letting out a few bubbles. "I found her pacing around in Riddlelock, as I carried on with my knight training. Naia looked like a little lost Ichigato, it was so amusing~"

"Now we're in a castle, waiting for the king to summon us in the morning. I can barely believe this."

Mint chirped, as if wanting to give his own pippet input. He was currently resting on top of a cabinet, while Cabbage clinged to Caramel. Rose gave the toucana an amused look, but other than that, he was ignored.

“Do you think they have their own Entity to deal with?” Rose asked. 

Caramel immediately frowned.

“I hope not. One was already enough trouble.”

“Maybe it’s just some corrupted sea monster, who knows…”

Caramel crossed her pooves in bed, wondering. Maybe. Either way, she didn’t want to spend too much time thinking about it.

“I’m going to bed. Sleep well when you go, Rose.”

Rose nodded.


Caramel and Rose trailed behind Naia, this time on a different task. The King had indeed summoned them, for a rather quick speech and plea for help. Aequor was suffering from weird tremors, lava bursting on the depths of the ocean, and mysterious weird monsters that carried a plague. This plague the King spoke of sounded a lot like the corruption they once faced.

“We’ve already dealt with this plague back home, your majesty.” Caramel was the first to talk.

“Is that so?” The King asked. He had a deep, strong voice, one that Caramel thought fitting of a ruler. On other occasions, it could scare her to death, since his appearance wasn’t so far of appropriate for such a voice. “Was it like ours, then?”

“Yes. It can be cured. The monsters can also be stopped, despite being… a complicated task.”

“I would not like to send you both to danger. Are you absolutely sure you two are up to the task?” 

“No need to worry, sir.” It was Rose this time, her tail swishing behind her. “It seems whoever came in contact with it before, can’t be infected again. And it so happens that we both were infected before.”

“Hrm. I place my faith on you, then. Naia?”

“Yes!!” The fish princess was quick to go to the king. 

“Lead these two to the outskirts of town, where the monsters dwell. Be careful.”

“Don’t worry dad, I’ve gathered the best warriors of the land. They’ll be fine!”

Caramel almost choked on laughter, but managed to contain herself. She and Rose still had so much to learn. Caramel still had to come back to Amaryllis, and perhaps even enroll in Riddlelock school. Rose, too, wasn’t quite done with her lessons as a knight. 

Well. The two of them looked at each other, soon being dismissed by the king.