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Chapter 8
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part one

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“Are you sure this is a good ideia?” Marzena asked, throwing a suspicious look at Mishal and Cassius. The two of them looked far too excited about this. It made no sense on her eyes.

“Course it is, silly. What could go wrong about just throwing ourselves into a mysterious rift?” Mishal asked, and Marzena imeditatelly squinted.

“Do you even hear yourself talking? This is completely fucked up.” She huffed a cloud of pneumir. 

“Aren’t you curious to see what’s on the other side? I heard it’s a wonderful world out there~”

Cassius, on the other hand, was naive enough to just nod at Mishal, and look overly excited about this. 

“I’m excited to see!! Let’s go, let’s go!”

These two were going to kill themselves one of these days.

Marzena huffed again. There was no point in arguing with Mishal. He was just plain stupid, and a nutcase. She’d have to talk with Cassius again, for the boy still had a chance in not becoming a nutcase like him. Cassius was just a kid who liked to please who admired him.

“Fine. If I don’t go with you two, who knows what you’re gonna do.”

“Sweet! That’s why I love you, dear Marzena, my lovely vespire.”

Marzena rolled her eyes. Her face was the worst type of displeased.

“I owe you one? Does that appease the mighty beast?” Mishal tried again.



And without waiting for anyone else, Mishal just opened his wings and went on his way. Cassius trailed after him, and after a moment or two of hesitation, Marzena puffed another wave of pneumir, and went after them.

A blinding light obfuscated her view. The vespire was suddenly assaulted by a wave of emotions, none of them pleasant. Dread gnawed at her gut, spreading much like the corruption itself. In one moment, she saw white. The next, the world seems to shift. Like everything turns into liquid, reality spilling, flowing and malleable. The moment everything turns solid again, Marzena screams.


Rose and Caramel were being accompanied by one more pouf, now. Naia had asked them to go before her, but wait before doing anything rash, most likely to call the others for support. They all made quite the interesting group, looking now.

It was an aequorian pouflon, and although it was not her first time seeing one, it was still impressive, and almost as scary in size as King Euricus himself. The Captain, it was how he wanted to be called, was a gruff looking leviathan, bigger than Rose. Just the sight of him was enough to scare the smaller lon. Caramel never thought she’d feel small near another lon that wasn’t quite royalty. It made her feel both scared and reassured at the same time. 

Yet, their travel was not without tension. Caramel probably had a bunch of things she wanted to tell Rose and her pippets, but she didn't dare say anything. The presence of the leviathan was far too scary for her to try, and it didn't seem like Rose was willing. A few glances were traded between them, however, while Captain leaded the way.

The trip soon came to an end when they finally reached their destination. Caramel, as always, frowned on the sight. The rift was like a crack, a mirror of the one in the sky. It spread on the ocean floor, swallowing whatever else was in its way. Rocks, coral, sand, everything disappeared, shoved aside to make space for the rift. The inside of it shimmered, something hard to comprehend. Wrong.

Seeing it like this, up close, was a completely different thing. The whole air around the crack is hard to breathe, thick with the scent of burnt magic, much like a spell that went wrong. No matter how Caramel tried to interpret it, it just looked... wrong. It shouldn't be there.

None of this should be happening.

“Alright, Captain?” Rose spoke up. “I think we should go first. You know… Experience.”

“Sure, kiddos, have it your way. Teach this old man.” Even the captain's voice sounded a bit rough, like the owner had forgotten how to speak.

Rose threw a glance at Caramel. They walked to the rift together, letting the Captain go last, just in case something would go wrong. As she and the Vespire dived into the crack, however…

A light, far too blindlingy, appeared before her. It was fast, however, as she soon saw multiple colors, multiple oceans and skies colliding together. 

Stop quivering, Caramel told herself. It's unbecoming of a mage. 

She couldn't. The scenario changed too fast, making her nauseous. Nothing could stop the voice on the back of her mind from saying: this is wrong, this is all wrong, and you shouldn't be here, this isn't your place.

It stopped suddenly. Caramel touched solid ground. The shaky voice of Rose could be heard, not far from whenever the tall pouflon was.

“Are you alright?” Caramel quickly asked Rose. She didn’t dare look around. Maybe if she pretended, none of this would be real. Yet, the two didn't have much time.

A low growl was building behind them, making her twitch in the direction of the sound. Oh, that's right. They forgot to ask if Captain came in contact with the corruption before.

She looked at the Captain.

He now had his back legs, looking somehow bigger than before.

His body now glitched in and out of existence. He had a far off expression, as if still unaware of his own corruption. Then, the pouflon mouth opened, revealing a row of reddish teeth. A roar.