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Chapter 9
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part one

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Caramel screamed herself. Her fear finally spilled, almost tripping on herself. The corruption. It swallowed the entire leviathan, and god did he look absolutely frightening. His roars reminded her a lot of the Entity. He was almost big enough for that, that’s for sure. No, no, no, I’m not ready for this. Not again, not so soon.

“Oh my god, we are so dumb” Rose voice, sounding as shaken as Caramel’s. “How do we deal with him?”

“I have no goddamn ideia.” She tried to say, quickly summoning her wings to fly away from the Captain. A growl followed as he batted at her, pooves spilling corruption in the ashy floor.

Oh, but he didn’t stop at that. Whatever that creature was, it ran towards the two of them, his eyes glowing red. Horns pointed towards them. Caramel quickly used this opportunity to try and use her vines to restrain the larger pouf. Magic, however, was hard to use here. She had to call in even more magic to make her vines feel alive again, quickly sprouting from the ground and curling around the leviathan legs.

A scene much like the first battle with the Entity played out. With a deafening crack, the vines parted, as if it was nothing more than a slight inconvenience to the monster. With that, came a shudder right after. Her own vines tightened around her. Well then.

“I have bad news.” Rose announced, while Caramel was busy making a grimace at her failed plan. “He’s not exactly the only threat here.”


Rose flicked her tail to a spot behind her. Caramel made an awful choking noise at the sight. Others were around, indeed, their forms glitching, hard to look at for too long. Two were Vespires. None of them she recognized.

“They don’t look too threatening, but, you know…”

“Fuck.” Caramel groaned. Just their luck. “Can you keep the Captain distracted? I’ll tend to them. Maybe one of them is a healer.”

“You a healer?” Rose asked, sounding far too amused for the situation. She, however, quickly descended, not giving herself a chance to get her answer.

Caramel answered anyway.

“No… I’ve never healed someone of corruption before.”

Never before. Caramel had absolutely no idea how to go on about this. Even as she flew on the direction of the corrupted group, she had no idea what to do.

As she approached, pointy ears of one of the vespire perked up. He quickly tried to attack her, claws open and glinting, aiming at her throat. In these moments, she felt so glad that none of them could fly.

The others tried to attack as well, the single Pouflon of the group getting up on his back legs, trying to reach Caramel to no avail. She scowled at them, and conjured her vines again, this time mustering all the magic she could in this particular set of vines.

First, it got the rowdy vespire, the first that attacked them. He seemed to be the largest of the group. The creature cried out, doing his absolute best to get free from the vines. At least with this particular Vespire, her vines seemed to be strong enough to hold him. Caramel could see teeth flashing at her, with a couple of angry growls.

Then, she reached in for her magic. The process felt a lot like the healing spells Lavern teached her. It was a gentle, warm magic, that made her whole body tingle. The Vespire whole body was coated on a green glow. He began to shriek. The corruption seeped away from his body, quickly, revealing a blue and pink body underneath.

He let out a groan.

“This corruption business sucks. But it was fun!” He gleefully stated. Caramel stopped in her tracks for a moment, extremely confused. “What’s with these vines?”

“Up here.” She called out. “I don’t have much time to explain. I’ll need help to heal your other friends.”

At first, it seemed like the vespire would ask what was the problem, when the sounds of a grunting Rose came not too far off. She was still doing her best to fend off the captain. Then, his eyes sparkled with understanding.

“Sure. I’ll help. Some magic will do, yeah?” 

Vines left him, to latch onto the next. As for the blue vespire, he was quick to help, throwing his whole body at Caramel’s target. With him still, it was much easier to restrain them with the vines, and thus use her magic to heal them.

While she did that, the other Vespire made quick work of healing the remaining Vespire, the one with floppy ears. Caramel didn’t get to see, so focused on her task as she was.

“Mishal, I am going to murder you. You and Cassius both!” The Vespire that was revealed roared to their healer. “Oh, what could go wrong if we throw ourselves at the rift? This! This will go wrong!”

How amusing. If only she had the strength to watch their bickering.

Caramel descended to the ground, panting, for a much needed break.