[CC] Grand Display: Senka & Butterfly

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Chapter 2
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Dragons must undergo thorough courtship traditions before others will be interested in breeding with them. The Grand Display pushes their skills to the limit, ensuring only the finest of Dragons will go on to breed. Each element has their own traditions to impress others of their kind, though this same practice can dissuade their opposing element from breeding. Regardless of this, achieving their own element’s Grand Display is a dream of every growing dragon, and they are eager to enter into the ceremony as soon as permitted.

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Author's Notes

Show your dragon traveling outside of their normal terrain (in example, if they are a Storm dragon, they could travel through a desert. there should be no sandstorms or anything that would make it cozier for them.). Another dragon from another player of the terrain’s element that has already completed their Grand Display must accompany the dragon.

Flexibility Trial

The desert was brutal, and it wasn't just Butterfly who felt that way; Senka too struggled in the harsh environment, despite her fire heritage, what warmth the sands may off had was torn away by the harsh sandstorm that blanketed the area. Visibility was non-existent, all that they could see was the form of the two companions that were leading through this trial; most of what Senka could see of Boxy was his dark legs, though he quite often dropped back to check on her. Butterfly's companion blended in even further, the spotted tan dragon was all but invisible.... and she had the odd habit of darting off at times, so full of energy it seemed that she had to use it.

Butterfly tucked his head down, shielding the flower on his chest the best he could, his wings tucked as tight as possible as the sands scraped over his hide, he glanced up, blinking several times to clear the sand from his eyes and locating the currently immobile tail of King. "How are you faring?" She asked as he came up beside her, using her body to shield his own somewhat, her mane whipping in the storm around them. "I could be better, but I know it's needed." He replied, King was friendly enough, despite her disappearing acts. "You're doing really well though." She said, patting him gently before moving off, Butterfly tensed as the winds buffeted him once again, only once he was sure he could move did he start walking, aware of Senka and Boxy coming up next to him as well.

Senka tried to focus on Butterfly, but her large eyes watered as the sand pelted them, as it was, she was relying more on her innate ability of both dark and fire, to actually look through the storm. Her long body draped out over the shifting sands, and patches of her hide raw; oh how she longed for the murky heat of the bayou. She'd tried to go non-corporal, but the chaotic nature of the sandstorm disrupted her too much. "Is it much further?" she whispered, feeling Boxy next to her, she didn't like whining, and immediately looked away. Gentle hands ran over her body, encouraging as much as assessing her condition. The box-shaped dragon didn't answer and instead ran off, leaving Senka to crawl over the sands, wings pressed as close as possible to her body. Surely he wouldn't leave her?

As it was Boxy hadn't left Senka, instead, he'd ran off to find King; to get the dragoness's help to change the trial slightly, still a challenge, but one that may help shield them from the harshest part of the storm.

Both dragons stopped as the earth shifted around them, magic flowing as rocks formed around, the deadly storm muted as it no longer tore against Senka and Butterfly's sides. King chuckled from where she perched, her talons aglow with magic as the storm passed over the maze she'd created. Boxy leapt down, grinning at them, beckoning them onwards.

Senka breathed a sigh of relief, wincing as she moved along the narrow space. "Thank you." she said to both Boxy and King, the knowledge that they'd changed the trial for them, made her smile. King laughed as Butterfly nosed the compacted earth. "Don't thank us yet, you still have to traverse it." The green glow brightened as the kobold raised a talon, and the sound of moving earth echoed. Butterfly blinked, realising the pair had the ability to change the maze at will.

The sandstorm continued to rage around the construct, its power lashing at the earthen wall King had but and while Senka and Butterfly were safe from the storm, the maze provided challenges of a different type....

Author's Notes

WC: 626
Terrain: Earth/Storm
King as Butterfly's companion
Boxy as Senka's companion