Photographs and memories.

4 years, 2 months ago

OTP Challenge: Day 1: Selfie Pairing: Cullen Rutherford x Corinne Evans

Quick short one-shot with fluff :D

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It seemed strange being in what you would call the normal world with him by my side. Assuming the worst when he first came into my life but unfamiliar as it seems for once it seemed like life was going to a plan.  People thought he was crazy picking a girl like me let alone admit freely that he was in love with me but with all this weirdness going on the day to day normality carried on like it was completely normal for him to be here. 

Peaceful autumn day as the rain ran down the window outside; Cullen sat across from me staring intently into a book. Humming contently as I scrolled down my phone screen, I feel his gaze. 

“Corinne, are you feeling ok?” Cullen asked politely placing his hand on mine. 

“It’s nothing… just thinking…” I reply trying yet failing to dodge his question.

“Nice try. You forget I know you” He chuckles, smirking continuing to watch me. 

“Just looking through some of the photos of me and you… it’s something I struggled to get used to” I smile as he placed his warm hand on my cheek; smiling contently as I glance back at him. 

“There are things in this place I won’t get used to but why look through photos when you can have the real one?” he questions awkwardly as I feel both our cheeks burning the familiar crimson. 

“There you go again being adorable” I smile smugly; as I place a kiss on his cheek as he turns faintly pink.

“Maker’s breath…” he mumbles failing as always to his embarrassment.