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The first "Alkara" lore; this one containing the realm of wolves and canines - largely focusing on deities.

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This is the first iteration of "Alkara" - basically a fantasy realm I collaborated on with a few friends back in the day when I was in junior high school. [yeah, I still have the details on this! wild, huh?] 

This Alkaran lore features the Gods and Goddesses of Alkara; a realm mainly ruled by wolves that have feral, anthro, and on the rare instance - human forms. It has some inspirations draw from Greek/Roman mythology.


Alkara is a realm created by the powerful Nocturna. With her careful paws she shaped the world and gave life to those that now inhabit it. The Gods and Goddesses of Alkara linger among the mortals of their plane, often causing trouble among them.

The Deities

  1. Nocturna 
  2. Tigere
  3. Sunwing
  4. Midnight Feather
  5. Khaz
  6. Larka
  7. Huttser
  8. Sanite
  9. Kapu
  10. Moss
  11. Nutbeam
  12. Lichen
  13. Herias
  14. Kipcha
  15. Talharp
  16. Alomost
  17. Hawkfeather
  18. Aniah Icefeather
  19. Emeraldwing
  20. Zing
  21. Firewing
  22. Kawah
  23. Tavlhawk
  24. Soula
  25. Luna
  26. Silverwing
  27. Narakhou
  28. Morga

  1. Suneye [son of Sunwing and Midnight Feather]
  2. Tsarr [son off Sunwing and Midnight Feather]
  3. Noctro [son of Nocturna and Tigere]
  4. Tigra [daughter of Nocturna and Tigere]
  5. Mooneye [daughter of Lichen and Suneye]
  6. Felicity [daughter of Moss and Nutbeam]
  7. Eoat [son of Huttser and Sanite]
  8. Tsnami Oceanwave [son of Talharp and Kipcha]
  9. Altair / Sweetfur Icepelt [son of Hawkfeather and Aniah Icefeather]

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