Somewhere, a beast roars

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Chapter 3
Published 1 year, 4 months ago

Mild Violence

and it frightens you to death.

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A few days pass. It is awkward and weird, but at least Sundrop was getting better.

It feels incredibly weird to get out of your bed, walk around your house and see someone else on it.  His traces, one could say, were a constant reminder of Sundrop's presence, no matter how much he tried to not be a bother to you. The pouflon had quickly realized that you felt uncomfortable with his help, and chose to retreat into a quiet persona that didn't get in your way. You could still see, and sometimes hear, even, when Sundrop decided to walk around your house, maybe searching for a glass of water or a snack, late in the night.

He is a weird pouflon. You suppose it is a nice change of pace, however. You never had someone else in your house, and it is a refreshing experience. However weird it was, the way Sundrop acted, you still enjoyed it.

Day by day, as Sundrop gets better, he graces you with a few words. Tries to make conversation, even. He is as awkward as you, so it’s difficult to proceed, however willing to interact the two of you are. One of such conversations goes like this:

“So, do you know much about what is happening out there?” It 's you who asks. 

Sundrop looks back at you in a weird way.

“You tell me. I’m the one who spend months with no conscience of what’s happening.”

“Oh… I apologize.” You try. After a few minutes of silence, you try again. “I suppose I should tell you then. The sky cracked. Since then, this… Blight, keeps spreading. I don’t know much else.”

“You don’t go out often?”

“No, not really.”


You shift a little. You don’t know if you’re comfortable with an interrogation.

“I don’t know. I like solitude.”

He blinks, as if confused. Right after, however, he nods.

“Why did you save me, then? I can't see how my company contributes to your solitude.”

He’s right, it doesn’t. It’s a little inconvenient, at best. So why did you do it?

Your own mind doesn't answer. Sundrop face doesn't hold any answers either, so you instead say:

“Normally… people don’t come out here, where I live. When I heard you…” A pause. It feels weird to say it out loud, you don’t enjoy the feeling of helplessness, nor the judgy look Sundrop must be throwing your way. “I couldn’t just leave you out there.”

“Oh.” There is a pregnant pause in the air. He’s looking another way, as you also do in the next moments, unsure of what else to do. Then, he surprises you with another question: “Can I leave anytime?”

That 's confusing. “Why wouldn’t you?”

He merely shrugs his shoulders.
“I dunno. What if you’re some evil wizard keeping me here for some potion or something?” He smiles then, and you snort.

“Hardly. I prefer using my plants.” Oh, there it is, a soft smile. It looks nice on him. “Where would you go, if you left?” You ask, partly out of genuine curiosity, partly to only just keep the conversation going, while bringing the forgotten cup of tea to your lips. 

Sundrop doesn’t answer immediately.

“I don’t know. Maybe..” You hear him swallowing nothing. “Maybe I’ll see what’s up with that crack in the sky.”

You frown. What?

He keeps talking, regardless of your reaction, his eyes now darting to the ceiling, as if he can see the sky through the old wooden planks.

“I’d like to see.”

It’s unnerving. You bring the tea to your lips again, only to find that it’s empty, so you can’t escape answering.

“You’re still hurt. I don’t think that’s a good ideia.”

“Didn’t you just say I could leave whenever I wanted?”

You have no answer to that. So you don’t say anything, just look at him, still staring at the ceiling, an odd glint in his eyes. He’s acting weird. Or, maybe that’s just his normal, and you don’t know. Ultimately, your mind forcibly makes you remember the vision of Sundrop dripping with corruption, so you leave his company, before anything else can be orchestrated by your mind.

Another day passes. You don’t really feel like talking, no matter how much Sundrop tries to start a conversation. Something is making you terribly uncomfortable. Maybe it’s yesterday talk, maybe it’s the vision of Sundrop, there’s no way to be sure. You seclude yourself in your room, most of the time, only getting out for preparing food or tending to a potion for your guest.

In one of these runs, you notice your sugar supply is running out. You’re not much of a sweet tooth yourself, so that can’t be your fault. The lon did search for things himself, when he thought you weren't awake to hear him.

You start to put more sugar in his drinks.


 The next day, you groan as you get out of bed. Not a good night’s sleep, that`s for sure. It makes you a little grumpy, but otherwise fine, and probably ready to interact with Sundrop again.

You go down the stairs, looking over. You can see the yellow pouflon in the door, one poove reaching to the handle.

“Sundrop?” You call out, seeing his ear react, twitching in your direction. He doesn’t turn over. “Where are you going?”

“Leaving. Sorry If I woke you up.”

“No, that’s…” You go down the stairs, almost stumbling over your own legs. “Why are you leaving?”

“I told you. I want to see the crack in the sky.”

That’s sudden.

“Yes, but… You’re not a 100% fine yet. It’s not safe.”

He shrugs.

“I’m fine. Still wanna see it.”

“You don’t know what’s out there. It could be dangerous.” Stay here, you want to say, but those words don’t come out of your mouth. “What if you get… Blighted again?”

Finally, the yellow pouflon turns over to you. It surprises you to see he’s wearing an angry face, enough to make you flinch a little.

"Why are you trying to act against me? You don't even want me here anyway." 

It's true. You don't.

Yet, something about the silence that would come back when Sundrop left didn't comfort you as much as it did before. Something about his obsession with the crack didn’t feel right. Something with the way he looked at the sky, ever curious.

“You could say that I’m… worried.” You finally say. And, obviously, it’s not the correct thing to say, because his face contorts into something even angrier.

“Hah. Surely you are.” His wings unfurl, its inside white. His tail kicks the door open with a ugly noise. “I’m going. Then you’ll be rid of me.”

“Wait…!” You try.

But the pouflon ignores you, soaring up in the sky. You watch him for a moment, seeing his bright form disappear in the sky. Then, you look back at your house.

There is a decision to be made here, you know this. The solitude you so much loved is here, while in the other hand, something else is calling you, nudging, pulling you towards the pouflon. You`d feel responsible, if anything happened.

You don’t know why you do this. All of this is certainly a series of bad decisions, so what’s one more to add to the pile? 

You go after him.