Somewhere, a beast roars

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Chapter 4
Published 1 year, 4 months ago

Mild Violence

and it frightens you to death.

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I don’t know what I’m doing.

I think I might’ve gone crazy a little bit, at the very least. There’s no way someone could be sane, after all that’s been happening. I don’t know. I think I just feel too much like a burden to Lark, and that’s why I’ve left. To me, it seems as simple as that.

I look back briefly. Lark’s face is staring back at me, lost and confused, and I feel a pang of guilt hit me.

It’s not like I wanted to make him this way about this. I feel bad, I truly do. It’s just… I’m not sure how to describe the way I felt every time he looked at me, like I was some sort of monster just waiting to be unleashed. I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was keeping me around just because he happened to find me around, corrupted and miserable. Like he didn’t want nobody else around, and the very notion of someone in his space makes him feel uncomfortable.

It’s clear by the way he acted, shaky and nervous.

Now, the current situation just makes me so very confused with what I’m doing. It’s like I’m being driven by an unknown force, directing me to go into the rift, to explore whatever it may have. One would think I’d prefer to just go back home, see if my pippet is safe. But no, I want none of this, none to do with the people there who didn`t care about me.

Since Lark healed me, I’ve been feeling this way. Looking at the sky, both disgusted and intrigued. Perhaps it’s a side effect of the Blight itself? This want to go back, this need to throw myself into it. Even knowing the risks, the possibility of getting the Blight again, I want to. And, by the way my mental state is right now, it`d be impossible to

The crack in the sky is getting nearer and neared, shifting ever closer. I look deep into it, as if a simple look can unveil all the mysteryes it holds. Could I have answers for the questions I`m not even aware of asking?

I look back one more time. The trees of the marsh hides completely the cozy little shack I was living the previous days with. Well hidden. That’s not the only thing I find, however. To my surprise, I can see Lark flying to me, long dragon wings tearing through the wind. Vespire heritage. I shouldn’t be surprised.

“Sunny, please!” He shouts over to me. “Don’t go.”

“Leave me alone, Lark.” I shout back. “I already decided.”

“Please!” He says something more, but I don’t listen. Instead, I’m looking at the crack in the sky again.

It seems to throb with my approach. I shake my head a bit, and look into it again.

There’s something there.

Startled, I looked again.

A voice beckons to me.

Come. Join me. Come see...

My eyes are wide. What? See what?


This is scary. I stop in my tracks. Maybe I shouldn't…

Something invisible grabbed me, however. I felt it as I was being pulled into the crack. It pulled the fur of my chest, a vice-like grip. I could only scream as it dragged me, whatever it was.

Louder and louder, the voice in my head continued:

Come. Come see…

Darkness covers my vision, a type so vast that it engulfs me completely. I can't see anything. I can`t breath, touch or feel. There is nothing aroudn me, and I simply panic. my mind goes blank. What is this?

Suddenly, I`m thrown into something. I feel dizzy as the world becomes tangible again, just before the darkness becomes overwhelming. A gasp leave my lips, trying to breath in the odd air the place has. I`m in somewhere completely different from the sky before, or even the marshes. It`s a very unnerving and illogical sight. As I look up, I see a bright sky, thousands of colors meshed together, as if moving in unison with one another.

I looked around. Nothing but sand.

Behind me, I can see Lark floating in the air. Oh. He followed me, it seems. His form, however, was incredibly disturbing. He was just there, mouth and eyes open, as if he saw something truly terrifying, and this awful world just made him pause there.

I approached him, moving cautiously. My limbs hurt, but I couldn't just leave him there. As I did, his form quickly changed to something dark, even darker than he already was, to a deep black. Red also coated his fur, and I slowly realised what was happening. He was blighted.

No, no, no, no! Not Lark! He had nothing to do with this.

He dropped to the floor, suddenly in motion again. I could see how his eyes trembled, a silent plea for my help.

The laugh in my head continued.

What’s the matter? It said. Wasn`t this what you wanted?

“No! It fucking wasnt! Why the hell would you think that?”

Only a laugh answers me. I look at Lark, writhing and doing some sort of gurgle noise. Corruption drips from his fangs, slowly dropping into the floor with nary a noise. He wasn’t Lark anymore. He was a Thing, dripping with murderous intent towards me, as it shifted its head and looked into my eyes.There wasn’t any trace of him anymore. Is it what I looked like, before?

The laugh kept ringing into my ears, as if on loop. I watched as the Thing stumbled onto its feet, trying to stand. It flapped its wings, using it as leverage, raising dust and sand around him. It seemed that it had no true strength to hold onto itself for long, and I simply watched as it repeated the process several times, until its pooves finally gripped into the ground and it stood.


“Why is this happening?”

The laugh in my head continued.

This is the tr̗ͨu͓͖̲͒̑̚t̀hͣͅ.

It can’t be.

T̴̠͕̯̍͒͆his̘ ̏ͫ͆i̴s҉̼ ̬̏ṭ͕̠̊ͭͮh̩͂e̱̓ ̞̘ͥͥt̯͈ͩ͋r̴ǔ͎̥̖ͮ̂́t̢̲͓̳͊̇͗h̙̤̹ͯ̎ͦ͠ ͇̬̜̓̈́̍yo̺̐u̩̮̾̒’v͉͟e ͥ̚͟i̩̙̠ͮͦͭ͞g҉n̶o͋ͩͯr̤͉͐̈e̙͚͜d̛̠̜ͅ.̤͈̖̀̌̋

The form of Lark kept moving towards me, growling, gurgling, screeching. All I see is murderous intent, as she approaches, showing teeth. I can’t do anything as he pounces at me, besides flinch in place. I’m so scared of it. I’m so scared of him. I want to go home.

“I’m sorry” I gasp out, as I’m pressed to the floor by this mindless creature. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”

Wh͗y̱̮͟ ͏̟a̶̭̮rͤ̈e y̡ou ͇͢h̅̀́ë͏͚r̫̓ē̞?

̐ͨͩG̬̦ͨ̈́̀ò ̖͇͟b̶aͮc̳͙̬k̇.͓ G͔o͎̍ hóm̤ͥ͡e̯̔.͏

I ̸ͤw̨ar̿ͯ́n͈̤ͫ̅e͙̱̎̽͢d ̜͂ỳ̢̪ͭͅǒ̹̙̙͒̚̕u.̶̓ͭ

Y̺͚̜ͩͦ̓ȏ͆u͛̽̆ d͚̱o̩̓nͣ̋`͇ͦt̨ ͙̯d̯e͋ͣs̢e̼ͮr̮ve ̘̉͡t̸̲̱̼͒͒̍o̚ ̸̃̒be̖̝̟͛̓ͦ ̧̲̮̓̓h̵̺er̻ȅ̇̉҉͉̘̟.

You̘̘͓ ̥̘̺̓̉̋doͬͅñ͔͙̩́̍`t ̯̝̳͝des̷er͂v̞̩̊ͬ͞e҉ ͎̙̭t̸̼̟̼̆ͫ̐o̯̫̅̀͜ ̴͙l̦̾i̖v̝̄͢ë̶͉̟̳ͮ̈́.͛͒͒͠

You feel your magic lash out, furious and untamed. Light comes out of you, originating from your horns. As you scream, the magic makes the other pouflon stumble back, throwing him far from you. You can hear a screech from him, voice failing and restarting, until it turns into a scream, and then, a heaved gasp.

You`re trembling on the floor. Lark looks back at you, darkness receding from his pelt. He blinks.

“Sunny? Is that you?”