Cigarette Daydreams

2 years, 8 months ago

Title from the song from Cage the Elephant. // Hugh looks up to the only role models he's ever had.

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"Just take it, kid." 

Hugh's eyes were glued on the cigarette - already lit, with only one drag taken off of it. He'd never had one before, but everyone had been smoking around him for years so actually smoking one wouldn't make much difference, right? He smelled like the smoke of it every time he bothered to show up to school, though that wasn't often. He hadn't been in over a week and he was seriously considering not going back again. His family was here. His everything was here. The school had nothing but brighter-colored prison walls, as far as he was concerned. This here? This was freedom.

Iggy gestured with the cigarette with impatience. He wasn't going to tell him again.

Iggy hadn't led him wrong before, so Hugh accepted it and played with it between his fingers. None of them had ever really led him wrong, though sometimes he ended up doing stupid shit because the older boys were doing it. 

He held it up to his lips but didn't take a drag, yet, just felt the warmth coming from it and smelled the overwhelming scent of smoke.

Iggy had given a slight lift of his head, something that the leader wouldn't think twice of but to Hugh, it was a huge sign of respect and acceptance to be looked at like that. No one really looked him in the eye - his mother was too busy drowning at the bottom of a bottle, his teachers were unconcerned with him because he was a truant nuisance and not a kid with a future, and everyone else seemed to ignore him for being a child, a punk - but Iggy and the boys never just looked at him. They saw him. It was the most thrilling feeling, something that running through the alleys or playing rugby could never give him. 

It made him feel wanted.

He took a long drag out of the cigarette, but coughed most of it out instead of exhaling smoothly. He looked up to Iggy sheepishly, ready for some teasing, but the older boy just shot him a toothy, wolfish grin.

Hugh licked the taste of it off of his lips, addicted.