Reincarnation AU

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8 months, 13 days ago
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Chapter 1
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AU where Fang perishes one way or another and is reincarnated.

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This takes place after S3, where the gang and Fang has teamed up with  the Celestial Heavens when its made apparent that LBD was making her way  to the Heavens to reign chaos upon it. During the battle with LBD in  the Celestial Heavens, Red Son uses the Samadhi Fire to take her down.  But during the fight the Golden Cloth Ribbon that Nezha had gifted the  group was about to break, it having been used to subdue LBD. And in a  last ditch effort to prevent that Fang uses Lao Tzu's diamond snare to  restrain her right when the fire begins to burn her to piece's.  Unfortunately for Fang she happened to get caught in the crossfire as  the fires grow uncontrollable and scorch the earth and heavens, where  Fang's body perishes in the flames.

Her father, distraught, did  all he could to save her soul, but by the time he had managed to get  into the spirit realm, her spirit had since been sent to be  reincarnated. He searched for years, and after 20 he finally pin-pointed  her spirit to a young human girl.

He'd found her at one of the  shrines dedicated to himself in the city ironically enough, residing  with a friend and casually talking with them. He was disguised as a bird  and it was her laugh that ended up giving her away. Overjoyed to of  found her, he eagerly sent word back to Macaque (who he had since became  mates with throughout the time that had passed) though Macaque wasn't  quite convinced. Both monkey's debated of whether or not it was really  her, before Macaque prompted one of the test he'd made up before, the  one they had tried using to pin-point her spirit before but it hadn't  worked because of how far away she'd been.

They ended up using  her toy, Minikong, as a medium in order to track her down. And upon  activating it, they follow after it. Where it eventually ends up finding  that same confused little girl late one evening while she's on her way  to the convenience store.

Wondering as to why such a strange  little toy was clinging to her leg, the girl fumbles a little with it  until realizing she's being followed. And upon getting cornered she  tries to fight back the clearly suspicious af shadows tailing her, only  to find herself swallowed up in one of Mac's shadow portals, where she  blacks out.

Waking up eventually she comes to in one of the many  room extensions that had since been added to Wukong's little shack.  Where it now resembled a proper palace of sorts, though more humble in  size given its structure located within the mountain.

Unsure of  what the heck is going on, the girl tries to find her way out of the  room, only to stumble upon Wukong and Macaque having a quiet  conversation in a room next over. Where she tries to listen in, only to  get caught by Macaque, and is sucked into a shadow only to appear back  up beside him. Where he greets her, much to her shock and panic.

The  two try to quell her fears, though she's still shaken up. Wukong scolds  Macaque over their harsh treatment to her, claiming she won't live long  if he keeps trying to give her a heart attack the way he is. Mac of  course brushes him off and instead tries to question the girl, leaving  her tucked into a tight spot with how casually these strangers behave.  Only then to realize who Wukong is and points it out, to which he's  elated to know that she knows of him, but of course Mac points out that everybody knows who he is.

The  girl then introduces herself as Linghua Zhi, a young aspiring artist  who travels between cities for her job as a freelance graphic designer.  She gladly shows off some of her proud piece's, finding it beyond  flattering to see how the Monkey King takes to her work.

But of course it's only then she realizes she's speaking to him again, and in turn finally questions as to why she is in the first place.

To  which the two finally go into explaining everything. About who she is,  who she was, and how they came to find her. Which in short, leaves her  quite frazzled and having a bit of an existential crisis, but at the  same time she's excited regardless for it.

She of course wants to  tell all her friends and family but Wukong stops her, telling her that  it isn't safe if the world knows of her again so soon, especially with  how fragile she is right now. Of course Mac just brushes him off,  claiming that they can just re-train her or something. All the while Zhi  is sort of left to watch the two bicker before asking of whether or not  she even gets a say in this whole thing.

Wukong is hesitant to  let her leave now that she's back, he's afraid some punk might try to  enact revenge or something worse. Overall, he basically claims that he'd  feel more comfortable if she stayed on the island until they can figure  her out a better situation. Zhi isn't really all for it, especially  considering she has a job and a life already.

Eventually Wukong  relents and allows her to stay with them WHILE working her job, on the  condition that one of them watches over the other to assure her safety.

The  next day or so she leaves the island to attend a meeting with a person  interested in her work, both monkey's follow suit as little bugs. Though  eventually their bickering throughout the office eventually gets on  Zhi's nerves to the point she scolds them both. Almost blowing their  cover and tries to slip away out of embarrassment, only to run into the  president who is eager to see her work. And after a while she's  eventually let go, relieved to know that her job wasn't blown and she  managed to settle things out with her customers.

Though Wukong  wants Zhi to return to the island, Macaque wants to go show her the  city. Fed up with them both she discards them and goes off on her own to  fester. Leaving the two to talk to one another.

"Listen, I get  it, you want to be with her again. I do too...but she's not Fang. Even  if she has that piece of her, she's still her own person. And keeping  her locked away isn't gonna do any good for this family you want either.  So maybe just try to give her some space?" - Mac

Wukong relents,  and eventually gives in, knowing he's right. He just wishes things were  back to the way they were since he missed them so much.

Eventually  the two monkey's send word to the boy's as well as the rest of their  gang about Fang's return. The boy's, MK and Red Son, had been on a trip  for the most part, traveling the West together after having switched  positions with Wukong and Mac. Where they'd made a deal to trade off who  oversee's the city while the other's go on a vacation. Wukong and Mac  already had theirs, and had used it partially to find Fang's spirit to  no avail.

Macaque eventually gets Zhi to himself, and after  talking with her one evening about everything, promises to take her out  tomorrow to show her the city without Wukong breathing down their necks.  She's happy to go, as they spend some bonding time together and end up  in a cute little park together. Though Mac ask her to go on ahead, and  that he'll catch up in a sec, she does so, and in turn he confronts  Wukong who had suddenly appeared.

There's a bit of bickering  between the two, Wukong mad at Mac for not having told them where they'd  gone off to. Until the boy's show up and after a brief greeting both  run off to meetup with Fang, the monkey's following suit.

A funny  interaction happens, and Zhi is excited to know she has two big  brother's. Though they're a bit saddened to hear her not remembering  them, MK doesn't let it get him down and just states that they'll just  have to make some new even cooler memories!

Throughout the next  few days other's come by to visit, those that can at least, and greet  Zhi, maybe there's even a little party? Overall Flower Fruit Mountain  gets a bit busy with all the coming and goings.

Eventually there  comes a point where the Celestial Heavens send a messenger down to them,  offering them a formal invitation out of good will in having the family  re-united again. It being hosted in Fang's honor for her sacrifice. Zhi  of course wants to go, and with both of her father's as her chaperones  and her brother's as well to back her up, they attend it.

It's a  little awkward at first, but she's mesmerized of the gardens and appeal  of the place, knowing just enough of the history of most things to know  just how cool they all are. She's greeted by the peach maidens, who fawn  over her and playfully scold her for having stolen one of their peaches  so long ago. She also meets Lao Tzu, who commends her on having braved  such a fight and using her quick wit to retain LBD. Zhi feels a little  embarrassed not remembering any of the cool things these people tell her  of, but tries to carry on, even if they call her Fang and not Zhi.

Eventually  they make it to the banquet and after a toast the Jade Emperor offers  to Zhi a basket of peaches of immortality as a token of good will and as  a means to commemorate her sacrifice, in hopes that she will live a  long and prosperous life. Zhi isn't quite sure what to think of the idea  of being given immortality, but humbly thanks the Emperor for their  gift regardless.

A few more gifts are bestowed to her, some of  them are from other courts hoping to gain favor from the Monkey King.  But eventually they leave and Zhi is just pleased to know she didn't  make a fool of herself to such powerful deities.

Weeks go by, and  it appears as though word has spread of Fang's return through the  Celestial court. Enough to where several figureheads attempt to send  gifts her way in hopes of courting her. Zhi isn't quite for it, not  really ready to settle down or find anyone like such, so she ends up  declining most of them. That is until one of them finally approaches her  face to face, a sky demon who kidnaps her after having separated her  from the boy's when they were hanging out in the city.

Trapped in  a palace with a demon after her heart she frets and tries to fend them  off. To no avail really, They claim how fortuitous it is that they're  able to meet once more, apparently having met in the past where she  fought them and won. Though it seems her power isn't so anymore, leaving  them to take her as their own.

Meanwhile the boy's report to  Wukong and Mac about the incident and they all go off and try to get Zhi  back, though it's apparent that the demon's domain holds a strong force  around it capable of weakening those who approach it uninvited. Leaving  Zhi to deal with this on her own.

Now aware of the demon customs  at play, Zhi challenges the sky demon to a rematch, and that if she  wins they have to let her go. If they win, she'll stay without question  and marry them. Finding it amusing the demon takes their challenge and  allows them to fight, where either must pin the other down long enough  or knock the other out.

Zhi isn't all that great at fighting,  mostly she just runs and dodges, and all her family can do is watch on  in horror as she tries to win back her freedom.

Though when it  becomes clear that she's having trouble and she ends up pinned down,  something awakens in her, a spark of her Dharma appears and is enough to  fend off the demon and knock them out. And having won, true to their  word she runs off to return to her family, only to outright black out  then from the strain and wake up later back on the island.