The Past

8 months, 13 days ago
8 months, 13 days ago
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Chapter 1
Published 8 months, 13 days ago

This takes place several years before MK is born. Focuses on Fang returning to Megapolis to deal with a problem, as well as eventually facing her father after 10 years of silence between each other.

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Return to the City

It has been 20 years since Fang left home. And 10 years since they last  spoke with their father Wukong. Both having exchanged heated words with  one another in regards to Fang's safety of traveling on her own, until  Wukong conceded and let her be.

Now they wander the roads in the  near West. Having teamed up with their friend Jun. And upon their  adventure, they run into a strange but not uncommon scene of a demon  being hunted by hunters.

Taking quick action they easily defeat  the group, saving the fellow, who introduces himself to the two as Amsel  Zephyr, a foreigner from the far West who is on a mission to assess the  migration patterns of a particular species of moth's. Given that it is  rather late at night, and this stranger is a Demon, Fang and Jun argue  about what to do, until finally coming to the decision to help him.  However, Fang offers their aid to them on the condition that they speak  not a word of their encounter to anyone before summoning a  nimbus cloud before them. Amsel Zephyr or 'Moth' for short, is startled  with the revelation that they stand before a 'Celestial Being', for who  else can summon golden clouds so easily? Though they know not of the  Monkey King as much as most other demons, they know enough of the  relevance in certain magic's to know who to be wary of.

But at  that point it becomes too late to back out now, and they load him up and  proceed to fly to the nearby grove where he requested they land. Upon  closer inspection there's hardly any moth's in the area, specifically  Lunar Moth's. A rare and often unseen species that frequents the area  due to the magical properties of the magic gemstones embedded into the  grounds of the grove which enhance the magical properties of the moon,  granting them longer life through their travels. Apparently a few have  been stolen and after finding an older moth unable to carry on with the  others, they find out where. Megapolis.

Fang is against visiting  wholeheartedly, but given that the situation in the city is unreadable  given their current position (i.e no signal) they decide to escort Moth  there to help scope out the situation and promptly deal with it.

What they weren't expecting however was a full on infestation swarming the city all around.