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❤ ABOUT Fairy Keepers

In Equestria, there is a canyon filled with magic, nature, and beautiful spring waters that flow freely. Small fairies live here in the forests and by the water's edge, but they are so small that the wind often blows them away to the canyon's edge where they cannot survive... So one day a pony (Tolua) was out adventuring and found the magical hidden valley of the fairies! She saw what happened to them when the wind blew and offered to help. She crafted a sturdy bubble and tied it to her flanks. When the wind blew, all the fairies inside the bubble were safe! The fairies were impressed and desired more help, so the pony went home and brought more ponies back with her to live with the fairies. The ponies made more bubbles, now called biomes, and the fairies all fit snugly inside.

But the fairies couldn't just live inside forever like that, so they used their magic and used the magic of each pony's cutiemark to make the biomes a permanent fixture on their bums! Now written into their genetic code, these biomes are as unique as a cutiemark to each pony! Up to four faeries can live safely inside as permanent residents. To survive, the fairies and ponies act as symbiotic creatures where the host pony gives up some of their nutrients to the fairies so they can live in the biome, never having to leave. In return, the fairies take care of any illness their pony might get. It is great to never be sick!

The new Fairy Keeper ponies were born and proud to help their little friends! They started a town and called it Reingrove Pastures! They set up government, security/police, several farms, and more to help them get started in the canyon valley of the fairies. After a year, the little town was much more like a magical city, and as the 1st generation ponies started to find love and have families, they noticed the biomes were not the only new things about them! The fairy magic and magic of the valley penetrated deep into their genetics, and now they were their own new species of pony...


❤ Breeding, Age, and Life

Fairy Keepers, because of their fairies unique ability to cure or otherwise remove sickness, live an unusually long time. They can live up to 100 years or more longer than a regular pony. When born, babies have their full-sized biome already as a part of them along with a new baby fairy(s). But baby biomes are softer than adult ones; they harden as they grow in age. Babies age as fast as any other pony, going thru the same developmental cycles. The difference is that adulthood takes 2 to 3 times as long before they become elderly and then they are elderly for a long time too...

❤ Fairies, Biomes, and Fairy Keepers

Fairies are now apart of the Fairy Keeper ponies. There are no individual fairies left in the valley. Fairy Keepers, when they breed, also give the option for the fairies to breed. In doing so, the baby Fairy Keeper is born with its biome already hosting at least one fairy. It is also possible for fairies to swap biomes so long as the one they are switching to has less than 4 fairies in it currently. They don't do this often because of the danger of being blown away plus most fairies and ponies are friends, and Fairy Keepers have been known to name their fairies!

❤ Magic and Fairy Keepers

Fairy Keepers know all kinds of magic and don't need a unicorn horn to access it. For each fairy in their biome, they can access one magical trick that they can do at will. If they have a cutimark, they can access a cutiemark-related magic too (it isn't strong magic because the fairies are also living off of it). If they have a horn, they can access unicorn-type magic too! Fairies are also very invested in their pony friend and will shield them from danger (say it starts hailing - they will create a shield to keep the hailstones from hitting their pony friend).

❤ The Land and your Home

By default, all Fairy Keepers come home to Reingrove to have their children. That is where everyone starts out. However, you can move around in Equestria and live in other places. Note that we will have NPCs available all over for you to interact with in other locations. Also note that making a permanent move away from Reingrove Pastures will result in your fairies withholding magic from you.

❤ NPC Ponies and Locations



PRINCESS NISSE: Reigngrove's Princess
TH BIO: https://toyhou.se/14425793.-npc-princess-nisse
She isn't around all the time as she has other duties in Canterlot, but when she comes to town, it is a big celebration!

BON-BON: Reigngrove Mayor
TH BIO: https://toyhou.se/14425851.-npc-bonny-lace
Taffy's mother. She is the adventuring pony that discovered the magical valley of fairies and created the first biomes. She went home to invite her family, friends, and friends-friends to return with her and save the fairies!

TAFFY: Reingrove Librarian and Trait Keeper
TH BIO: toyhou.se/4071595.-npc-taffyla…
Tolua's daughter. 1st filly born in Reingrove Pastures and the mini-mayor!

BLUSH: Horseshoe Exchange Shopkeeper
TH BIO: toyhou.se/4914802.-npc-blushin…
Part of the 1st generation born in Reingrove Pastures who loves math!

GIGI: Sparkle Master and Fairy Matchmaker
TH BIO: toyhou.se/6507211.-npc-galacti…
A second generation fairy keeper and in love with space, sparkles, and love!


❤ MYTHIC TRAITS (not pictured)
MYTHIC TRAITS ARE ADMIN USE ONLY - Cannot be bought/upgraded to!
Cannot get dragons wings outside the dragon body type!

Body Type: Dragon (clawed feet, dragon wings)
Biome: Sparkling, Abstract Shaped
Antennae: More than one set
Wings: Butterfly Style
Horns: Two Horns, Three Horns
Markings: Glowing / Sparkling

❤ ROYAL TRAITS (not pictured)
ROYAL TRAITS ARE ADMIN USE ONLY - Cannot be bought/upgraded to!

Body Type: Royal (crystals on body, crystal horn crown (5 horns))
Biome: Crystallized Patches / Glass Etching
Antennae: Crystal
Wings: Sparkly Transparent
Horns: Crystal

A FAQ & The Species TOS

Do not make a Fairy Keeper without admin approval.
All MYOs must be approved before submitting to dA.
Admin decisions are final. Please no arguing.
Apply to be a Guest Artist or Admin by noting the group.
No cursing or callouts. Be kind to everyone.
Questions encouraged! Note us or comment anywhere!
❤ What are Fairy Keepers?
Fairy Keepers are a MLP (my little pony) species that have magical bubbles on their bums or tails that are homes to anywhere from 1 to 4 fairies. Fairy Keepers can have wings, horns, different body styles, and more! They come in an array of colors but are mostly light or pastel colors (tho darker colors can exist). They are GOOD and strive for a happy and fun life!

❤ Can I make a Fairy Keeper?
You can adopt a premade one, catch a MYO event to make one of your own, or commission an admin to make you a custom (if they are open for that). Fairy Keepers are a closed species, so please do not make one without permission from the admin team here at Fairy-keepers-Mlp ... Thanks!

❤ Can I have more than 4 fairies in the biome?
No. Biomes are only big enough to support 4 creatures safely.

❤ Where do Fairy Keepers live?
Fairy Keepers live in the magical land of Equestria in a deep canyon valley that has a magical grove in it. You can read more about the Fairy Keepers and their home of Reingrove in the Lore.

❤ I'm ready to submit a Fairy Keeper. How do I do that?
Like any other piece of art EXCEPT credit Fairy-keepers-Mlp by either linking the group as a text link or by using the icon to link us (if on dA). If you are submitting an adopt you got, please make sure to follow the designer's adoption rules when you submit as well (every adopt maker will have their own rules - read their TOS for that information). Same goes if you use a base to make a Fairy Keeper.

❤ Are gradient-colored markings rare or legend? Are they allowed?
Gradients are allowed and welcomed! A single gradient color is rare. A 2+ colored gradient is legend.

❤ Are there eye rarities? Like pupils, colors, etc?
No rarity for eyes. You have creative authority within reason and myo approval will be based solely on admin discretion.

❤ Do Fairy Keepers have Cuteimarks?
Cutiemarks are not part of this species, but we aren't outlawing them. Since these ponies exist in Equestria, it is entirely possible they have some of the same genetics as the other MLP do which means a small percentage could generate cutiemarks.

❤ For body types that have certain elements to then, do you have to use those elements?
You do not have to use BOTH of the elements. For example, Angel Body Type comes as short or long tail plus halo and body sparkles. You pick your tail length and then can pick one or both of the angel elements. You MUST choose at least one of the elements, otherwise your rarity defaults to the short or long tail body type.

❤ Where can my characters go in Equestria?
They start out in and have their homebase in Reingrove Pastures. However, as an adult, they can move away from Reingrove to other places in Equestria. Most will not tho because their fairies will not want to move from their magic-filled home. The fairies don't object to things like vacations, short travels, etc, but a permanent move will cause friction between the Fairy Keeper pony and their fairy(s) causing a loss of magical ability gained from housing the fairies.