Before you stands a large group of buildings you've never laid eyes on before. You take a look behind you, but that doesn't seem to answer the question of how you arrived in this unfamiliar setting. Whatever door you may have entered did not take you to the room you had expected. In fact, the door you just walked entered through doesn't appear to exist at all in this place.

       There is only one entrance for the large cluster of buildings that are before you. Attempts to scout around the perimeters of the complex show that there are many many rooms, almost an impossible number of them, that only have windows of oddly varying heights to connect with the outside world. Even if you investigate the surrounding streets, it doesn't appear that there is much else to see in the vicinity. The streets directly around the complex branch out into a desolate shopping and business district, which then continue to branch out into suburban style neighborhoods with a mix of all types of houses and apartment buildings. The only signs of life come from within the Complex. In fact, even with the other buildings and streets neighboring that behemoth of a structure, there don't appear to be residents anywhere to be found.

       There isn't really anywhere to go besides into the main building straight ahead.

 Maybe someone in the "Crossroads Complex" will be able to offer you some assistance.

       Hello everyone, and welcome to The Crossroads Complex! This is a world designed to allow you to play around with your characters in a setting where you don't necessarily have to alter their backstories to fit the world of the roleplay. Instead, you can pluck your characters out from whatever point in any of their timelines you wish and have them wind up here! This is somewhat of a more casual setting, but with the potential for more of a plot to be implemented as things move along. It's one big inter-universal space for you to throw your characters into and meet some other interesting characters.

  • This world is a rather small one. It is just about the size of a city, and is a space that can be accidentally accessed from any world it crosses over/touches/passes by even for a moment.
  • Within the three main buildings of the Crossroads Complex itself there is a location-specific translation spell cast, so in that way the characters are able to interact with eachother within those boundaries. However, due to the ever-changing and uncertain nature of the world, the surrounding area in general is not able to be fitted with such a spell. Those characters venturing outside of the walls of the three main buildings will be forced to find ways around their language barriers on their own.
  • Not all characters are created equal, and the Crossroads Complex will have two different kinds of "visitors" (to better suit your roleplaying wishes). There are those who entered this small world by mistake, and whose only hope for returning home would be to happen upon a gateway back to where they came from. Then, there are "free-travelers": those characters who are experienced world travelers and have the capability of coming and going of their own free will. These characters are not reliant on Gates to enter other worlds, as they have their own methods of movement.
  • The Gates to other worlds open unpredictably(though some would like to try to predict and study the behavior of these passageways). You could go to open the door to a closet in one of the abandoned buildings and find your old bedroom on the other side. This world is constantly coming into contact with other worlds. Crossing over is a common occurance. If you don't wish to venture out of the area, simply close the door again and after a few moments it will probaby return to being just a dirty closet.

With this set-up in place, it is entirely up to you whether your character is stuck in this strange place against their own will, whether they are just dropping by for a bit of socializing, or whether a Gate will open unexpectedly and allow them to leave this place. You and your character can be as committed to staying as you feel comfortable with being.




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