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now for rules!

  • Try to give them traits that make sense for the environment
  • DO NOT SELL ANY!!!! you may make them just to have one, but they're not here for you to make a profit
  • Don't create any that "mix" the traits of others together. only me and a select few others can "breed droogins
  • SHOW ME YOUR DROOGS PLEASE! I love seeing what people make!!!
  • more rules as they become necessary (i do hate the restrictions but they are needed to keep them my species)


Droogs are a semi-intelegent, highly invasive and adaptive species. They are adaptive in the sense that within 4 or 5 generations they adapt to their environment nearly completely. They are opportunistic omnivores, being a mostly scavenger species. Droogs all have larger forelegs and digging claws for digging up roots and tubers, sharp canines and flatter back teeth for eating both meat and plant matter. They carry their necks in an s kind of shape, and can stretch their necks to their full length for eating plants in tall places (like giraffes, but shorter and weirder)

When threatened, and in a situation where they cant escape with just teeth and claws alone, Droogins can use their powerful neck muscles and thick skull to suprise and bash their foes.

A droog can be anywhere from a large rat to a large dog in size

They've adapted to biomes like the tundra with thicker fur, swampland with alligator like scales and possibly webbed feet, plains with shorter fur and streamlined appearance, mountainous regions with small gliding wings (both feathered and webbed), and even have an underwater presence with gills and fish like tails. Some licensed breeders have even taken it upon themselves to breed specific and silly traits into them, such as weird patterns and smaller/larger than average size, or even naturally wavy, whipped cream looking manes. Not every droogin adapted in the same way to the same environments, and they don't have many natural predators due to their semi-intelligence, so that provides a ton of variety in design and color.

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