Writing Expectations


All written content must follow our game rating of Mature 17+ which loosely translates to:

  • Swearing and mature language is permitted, including in excess.
  • Sexual content is permitted with some limitations.
    • Explicit/obscene writing must take place OFF this TH world (and any affiliated social platforms) OR you can 'fade to black' during the thread.
  • Explicit violence and gore is permitted, including in excess.

Any instances where imagery is also provided in a thread must also follow our rating.


As per custom to all play-by-post role plays absolutely no:

  • Powerplay / God Mod (unless by luck of the dice or player(s) permission).
  • Retcon (unless with permission from all players involved).

Quality Over Quantity

While we do not have any word count requirements or writing level expectations we do not allow one to two sentence posts or “rapid fire” responses. Our members are expected to produce good quality responses instead of post fluffing or post splicing.

  • Fluffing - The addition of unnecessary, repetitive or otherwise useless words to achieve a higher word count.
  • Splicing - The act of repetitive content in order to respond to multiple actions across the span of posts which creates unnecessary repetition of dialogue.

We understand that everyone has their own unique way of writing but we would really like to cut out the unnecessary but common use of post slicing. Creative and long posts are still welcome just avoid repetition.

Maintain Realism

While this is a high fantasy game we do request that our members maintain realism when it comes to writing, including the writing and developing of characters. Invincible or perfect characters are highly discouraged and will be subject to review by the management team for changes, if the member proves unwilling to make changes the character will be deemed not playable and removed from our database.

When writing your characters please remember that their actions, just like our own, are subject to consequences good, bad, and ugly. The world of Uuxain and its many subjects, PC and NPC, can be extremely dangerous. Character’s may also face tough situations that may not be the direct result of their own actions. At any point in time a character may be hurt, maimed for life or even eliminated from the mortal plane! Write as realistically as possible to each situation at hand.

All Welcoming Concept

Threads are open for anyone to join into with any character of their choosing. If someone can think of a way to add their character into the situation they may. This welcoming concept is meant to boost interactions between all members instead of groups or dedicated writing partners. If you are ever looking to privately write with another member you may express such in footnotes of the threads first post BUT no one is required to follow this, it is merely a request and nothing more.

However, please practice good role play etiquette when considering joining established threads. An established thread is one that already has four to five responses. If a thread displays this please ask for permission from the thread creator before joining especially if there are several characters involved, some folks have a hard time with writing to multiple different characters in one situation.

Spreading Threads

Most folks enjoy writing in multiple threads at a time utilizing the liquid time feature. If you choose to engage in spreading threads like this please do so sparingly according to your time constraints and personal limits. We also ask that you respond to all threads you are participating in without bias. You may come across threads that are more interesting than others but please remember not to neglect your other threads.

Liquid Time

With the fantastic use of liquid time players can engage in many different threads at the same time. This also means that players can travel backwards and write threads that happened in the past. If you are utilizing liquid time to do anything that is not currently taking place in the present please be sure to dictate such in footnotes of the threads first post.


If you make use of any codes for writing entries on this forum they must remain mobile friendly or the coding will be removed.

Young Characters

Under no circumstance may child characters (characters portrayed as 17 or younger) be written in questionable threads. Questionable content is pretty self explanatory, if a child shouldn't be engaging in that type of activity in the real world they shouldn't be engaging in it in our fictional world either.