Suggest, Confront, Do (SCD)

A character's actions can swiftly follow with consequence and on that note it is important to inform you we are considered a Non Consent role play (“In this type of roleplaying game, In Character consequences are favored. Your agreement to consequences doesn’t matter in Non-Consent RPGs.”).

We follow our SCD (suggest, confront, do) system here to at least give your fellow writer a chance to walk away from the situation. By using SCD characters can advance in action without limits (and without player permission), including fatal confrontations, by using the Tabletop RP (Dice) systems.

Suggest - Post 1

Mention your characters intention(s) within the post dialogue, you can also provide this as a courtesy in footnotes, this gives the other player(s) involved their first official warning.

Confront - Post 2

Advancement towards action via verbal and/or physical expression. If you have made it this far either the player did not catch the first warning or that player's character is ready for what's to come. This is their second, and last, official warning.

Do - Post 3

Time for action! Roll your dice using the proper systems related to the action your character is going to carry out.

System abuse will not be tolerated. Antagonistic characters that constantly flee another character's SCD will eventually face consequences. A character may exit an SCD thread with another character on two different occasions. On the third occasion/thread the other character may carry out their actions without using the SCD system.