General Information

Characters here can be anything that is not human. Animals that still roam the world today all the way to their distinct ancestors. Creatures of mythical origins, maybe the ones told to you as a child in terrifying tales. Or even species made up completely by you, or someone else.

If you choose to use a 'closed species', which is common in the ARPG world, please be sure you are allowed to join and write them elsewhere!

Profile Tabs

Characters submitted here must have a full or split tab attached to their profile named "NT RPG" or "Nullius Terram RPG", this tab will be used to submit your character here and allow you to have a completely seperate tab for this universe and all of its required information on profile.

To set up a profile tab in the format and fashion we require see this help document.

Size Limitation

Characters can be no taller than 10 feet tall at the shoulder area and cannot weigh more than 13,000 pounds.

Soul Shards

These are fragments of a characters soul that can be lost but can never be regained unless another character gives pieces of their soul to yours. Soul shards are important pieces of this game, please read more about them here.


Characters will all start here as innate beings but eventually, when they meet death, they will either ascend to divination or descend to damnation based on their remainder soul shards. You can read more about divination and damnation here.


Companions, familiars, etc. are welcome but have no significant weight they can pull. They do not have shards, magic access, or the ability to do much. Just for looks and companionship.

Exploration, Paving Their Way & More

On this game, we truly believe in you paving the roads of Uuxain history. Explore, create and involve your character however your creative mind wishes to. Uuxain is meant to be a very vast expanse of land with miles upon miles of different places, terrain, communities, etc. all built by the players for the players. It is also a world where the players point it in the direction they feel like taking it.

  • If you wish to create a place after a character finds and explores it then you can most definitely do this! Make use of our Compendium so that everyone can use it too.
  • Want your character to kick the hornet's nest and start a war between guilds, do it.
  • Did a well-known character upset yours and your character wants to assassinate them upon next sight? Give it a shot.
  • Do you play “the good citizen” and wish to have them uphold judgment and/or punishment for lawbreakers? Make it their profession.

This game is here to let your creative juices flow through you. Pave a new path with your characters. We are ever-evolving and our future SWPs will follow suit with popular in-game plots! That means we include your historical plays into site-wide events.



The concept of age is hard to imagine having any huge pull here. Characters will live until they pass in game. They can be 1000 years old, 20 years old, or so old they don't even remember their own age.


All character profiles must include the statistics required (see statistics tab). Other than that, when it comes to details we are ecstatic to inform you that we really don’t care what you include or don’t include as long as you describe what they look like or share a reference image.


Characters are welcome to have a backstory in Uuxain if you so choose, we call these natives.

Alternatively you can have your character appear here from another world/dimension in whatever fashion you choose. Uuxain is vast world with magical abilities of all types so you can be as creative as you want.


Tell us your characters basic specs.

  • Species – Dragon, horse, snake, bird, fish, and so on.
  • Sex – Male, female, hermaphrodite, sexless, etc. (this is not gender identity but instead what you consider their biological makeup).
  • Height – Tiny, small, medium, large, huge, and you can even include details with feet and inches.
  • Build – Petite, slim, fit, athletic, or husky.
  • Weight – Thin, light, average, heavy, bulky, and you can even include details of weight in pounds (lbs).
  • Soul Shards – Current amount that is linked to their soul shard log.


Specify your characters size in one of the following groupings. While it is not required that you provide anything other than one of these definitions, additional information like approximate weight in pounds or feet and inches in height is a great help to your fellow writers.


Height is determined by the characters shoulder area; your characters height will be how tall they are at the shoulder.

  • Tiny – From just a few inches to two feet.
  • Small – From right above tiny to four feet.
  • Medium – From right above small to six feet.
  • Large – From right above medium to eight feet.
  • Huge – From right above large to 10 feet.

Build is determined by the characters physique; your characters muscle tone, bone structure, roundness etc.

  • Petite – Tiny or small and thin or light.
  • Slim – Indicates they lack muscle tone and fat.
  • Fit – Some muscle tone and very little to no fat.
  • Athletic – Muscled with some fat.
  • Husky – Bulky muscle or large boned and can include fat.

Weight is a body's relative mass or the quantity of matter contained by it but we use classes of weight instead of actual weight.

  • Thin – Generally indicates underweight, unhealthy.
  • Light
  • Average
  • Heavy
  • Bulky

Soul Shards

Players are responsible for keeping track of their characters soul shards, we do expect honesty and accuracy when it comes to displaying and logging shards. We do not have any specifics on code requirements for how you log shards but if you log them inside a literature piece, google sheet, or elsewhere please provide a direct link to their shard log!