Profile Setup

Getting Started

  1. Open your characters profile.
  2. Click the "Manage Character" dropdown menu.
  3. Click " Tabs".
  4. Open the " Add Tab" dropdown menu.
  5. Upload the avatar we require.
  6. For the tab name use "NT RPG" or "Nullius Terram RPG".
  7. Choose "Full Tab" or "Split Tab" for the tab type.
  8. When choosing tab privacy we suggest "Public" or "Only Logged In Users", selecting anything else can cause the character tab to be hidden from management and members.
  9. Then click "Create Tab".


Click any one of the links below to see some example profiles that we approve of.



Grouping Differentials

Avatars are used to identify a characters current grouping in game. By default you should only use the innate avatar as all characters start out as innates.

If your character passes away you are responsible for updating their avatar to their new appropriate group as either divine or damned.

The Files

See this link to download a PNG version OR PSD version that can be edited on your software (or a free software such as Photopea).

If you choose to use a PNG version your avatar image should not cover the text displaying the characters grouping (innate, divine, damned). Please try to keep avatars inside the rounded radius corners so that we can maintain a sleek look across all characters.

Having troubles? No worries, reach out in our #chat channel on the discord! Someone will be happy to assist you.

Adding Statistics


If you're not interested in using custom codes/css we highly suggest making use of the "fields" on profile tabs!

  1. Go to your characters NT RPG tab and to the far right side you will see a pencil () icon, click that icon.
  2. Find the "Fields" section, if it is not already dropped down you will need to click on it.
  3. Click "Add Field" for each of the required statistics.
  4. Then click "Update Tab" at the very bottom.


Using custom codes/css on your profile tab is completely fine by us as long as you adhere to the following guidelines.

  • All required statistics are readily availalble. Meaning no one has to search or click through tabs to find the bare necessities we require.
  • Soul shard amount is clearly displayed where you put statistics, logs can be elsewhere but please provide a link, tab, or easily spotted area for them.
  • Remains mobile friendly because a lot of us are frequent mobile flyers. If we can't access your characters profile via mobile you may be asked to alter or remove the code to keep the character on this game.

Match NT RPG w/ CSS

Want to import our CSS and make your characters NT RPG tab match our world?

Add this to your CSS section: @import '0/11337/kkSLRo/profilebasiccss';