Uuxain isn't actually just one singular realm in some nameless world; Uuxain is the world. It is it's own planet in some mystical universe held together by the force of Shardinis. Shardinis is not exactly a being with a physical presence but is instead an essence that lingers with a magical but very heavy weight. This essence is what consumes soul shards and is also ultimately what determines where those shards go.

Beyond Uuxains dimensial specifics the setting can be described as complex because we allow all sorts of structures and creations that make use of elements that are natural such as stone or wood. However, magic has been known to help create parts of this world meaning they are held together by the essence of that magic which can be unstable but does not always mean danger. Truthfully your own imagination and creativity can decide how you view Uuxain and what you choose to write about with your characters.


Mortal Realm

The Transient dimension is what holds mortal beings, those that have not perished, and has no ties to any other plane meaning the dead and the living cannot interact.

It is known for its certainty. Within this plane everything follows order from life to death, gravity, rolling hills, and much more. It maintains a realism that, despite the magic and fantasy everywhere, can be counted on.

Afterlife Realms

Characters who pass away end up ascending or descending, depending upon their soul shard remainders at the time of their death, to one of the two afterlife dimensions.


Divination is a plane that mimics a characters true happiness so all whom reside here may see their surroundings differently than others.


Damnation however, is a dimension filled with chaos, horror, instability, mirages, and so on. It is an ever changing dimension plagued by monsters and terror.

Sandbox Environment

Variety At Your Control

Members control all the aspects inside dimensions by creating sandbox entries. Entries range from factions, territories, businesses, graveyards, places of worship, cultures, religions, and so on. We highly encourage using your own imagination by avoiding entries that may be heavily influenced by materials from books, shows, or movies.

Creating Sandbox Entries

Head over to the sandbox forum to make your entry!

When creating entries be sure to include as many details as possible including member useage details, especially if you are creating factions/cultures/religions.