The afterlife sends your character to another dimension upon their death based upon their fate. It is essentially built as a way to keep playing your character long after they pass on. You are not required to write characters in the afterlife unless you want to but they do have to be updated grouping wise (their avatar).

Dimensions are not intertwinable meaning characters cannot interact between damned and divine except at the gates of dimensions which is a grey area that mimics fog and lack of daylight. Threads at the gates may take place in either board.

Damnation gate is dark and sometimes guarded by reapers, monsters, or unhappy souls.

Divination gate is light, often gold, and surrounded by blossoming flowers.


Damned characters live in a dimension that is full of terrors, chaos, confusion, torment, and so on. Many of these souls will lose sanity in damnation but not all do.

These beings can die over and over and over again inside this dimension, usually they are brutal deaths as well, but they will always respawn at the gates. Respawning will often confuse a character because all of their deaths are often not remembered but can still be felt (eternal torment ya know).


Divine characters ascend to paradise and eternal rest inside a dimension that tends to mimic their true happiness when they are alone. However, when interacting with other characters the dimension may mimic one or the others happiness or do a combination of both.

In divination characters cannot harm others and if they try their soul shards may be reconsumed by Shardinis and spit out into damnation.

Determining Fate

Under construction.

Recording Death

When your character passes away you need to record their death by responding to the fate box thread. From here management will let you know your characters fate.


If you are curious about how our dice works to calculate a characters afterlife fate here is a nifty chart.