Soul Shards


Every character starts out with 100 shards, unless you choose not to, which basically means they still possess 100% of their soul. These shards determine if a character will ascend to divination or descend to damnation.

Soul shards can only be lost, they can never be gained unless as a gift sacrificed from another characters shards. Be careful though, exchanging shards may anger Shardinis, the essence of Uuxain, and does not guarantee your character will avoid eternal damnation when judgement day comes.

What happens when shards are lost?

  • Characters generally grow weaker in constitution, their physical health.
  • Using magic becomes more unpredictable with each shard lost.
  • Some characters lose their sanity.
  • A characters essence will fade. The less soul shards one has the less grounding they have to the transient plane. Some may lose senses, others slowly become translucent, but in some cases it is both. And the extra unfortunate begin to see the afterlife dimensions simultaneously but cannot interact with verbally or physically.
Soul shards can be lost by:

  • using magic.
  • sacrificing shards to another.
  • immoral conduct (thievery, lying, murder, etc.).
  • using portals to jump from one place to another.
  • something you want a character to lose shards over (literally anything you want).

Calculating Losses

Members are expected to dictate the amount of shards lost for their characters in different situations but we ask that you use good judgement and avoid always having low costs.

Example scenarios and possible outcomes:

  • Lucy steals bread to feed her siblings.
    -3 shards for justified thievery.
  • Moc steals his best friends gold necklace.
    -10 shards for thievery. -3 for the act, -7 for the act against a good friend.
  • Mary used a portal to go from the northern hemisphere to southern.
    -2 shards for portal jumping.

Additional Shards

Glimmering Soul Shards

A glimmering soul shard is a unique shard that contains 20 regular soul shards. By default glimmering shards do not stack onto a characters regular shard count and instead require their own stat box and count.

Using a glimmering shard requires activation. Activation happens when a character feels their essence fading from loss of regular shards, generally in the form of fear/anxiety/loss of control/etc. The shard will burst inside and disperse 20% health back to a characters soul.

These are commonly obtained by:

  • Random events/drops.
  • Encountering Shardinis' essence via NPC interaction.
  • Rewards or incentives from the management team.