Magic is completely free form here, characters are not attached to one or a few specific abilities unless you choose that for them. In Uuxain it is referred to as shardinism because it is the very core of Shardinis’ essence. It is a weighted blanket that affects all beings but whether they choose, or know how, to use it is completely up to you. The access however, is always there; even in the afterlife.

The Price

Using shardinism is not free for mortals and will cost characters pieces of their soul. The amount is dependent upon power drawn to perform the act which is up to you. If you are ever unsure how many soul shards should be taken for an act you can request member help in the #help-please discord channel for some suggestions.


Magic can be used in three different ways. If you are using magic against another character without an agreeance to its outcome you will need to use tabletop dice to determine the magics accuracy and success.

  1. Defensive – Used in a negative manner.
    • Cost of soul shards is often great amounts.
  2. Offensive – Used in a neutral manner.
    • Cost of soul shards can vary.
  3. Constructive – Used in a positive manner.
    • Cost of soul shards is generally very little.

For parties on the receiving end of magic use:

  • If the executor used dice the dice are non negotiable.
  • If you previously agreed to an outcome you cannot change your mind during the thread.

For parties on the executing end of magic use:

  • In footnotes of the post you need to summarize:
    • the magic.
    • the outcome of use (such as damage dealt, building material made, etc.).
    • your dice result -if required- (including a screenshot from discord if you feel up to it but is not required).
    • amount of soul shards your character lost.