Welcome to Infernal Creations! We are a group dedicated to sharing and supporting Devil May Cry fan characters. In this world, you can submit your DMC OCs and share information about them in a fun, open community! We also have resources for creating new characters and, if you are new to Toyhouse, a forum dedicated to tips and tricks on how to get your OC set up with a snazzy HTML profile. If you want more, we have a Tumblr blog for sharing posts and artwork directly from users and a Discord server you can join to get to know the community! We hope you enjoy your stay!


5/6/22 Something will presumably go here eventually

5/6/22 We exist now!


  1. Be respectful to all members. Bashing characters for any reason will not be tolerated.
  2. Any sort of racist, homophobic, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory speech will result in a ban.
  3. Proshipping of any form is banned. This includes Spardacest.
  4. We are an OC x Canon positive zone, however, characters shipped with adults MUST be adults themselves.
  5. We allow multiple characters to be shipped with the same canon character. If you cannot share your OC's canon partner with others, this is not the group for you.
  6. You must be over 13 to participate in this group.
  7. Infractions on our other platforms (Discord, Tumblr) will be held against you in all instances of the group, not just where the rule break occured. Bans will carry to all platforms.



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