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This world was created for two purposes: firstly, to try and filter some of the "looking for roleplay" threads out of the Worlds forum, and secondly to organize those search threads so that people may have an easier time finding the sort of RP partner they're looking for. This world is open to everyone and all tastes, but please try to keep threads in the appropriate categories. For those that would use it, there is a broad roleplay forum within this world, but I encourage those who would RP outside of this world to also look for RP here.

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Categories: Where to Post

While I want this world to be organized, I also want it to be relaxed and stress-free. If you have questions, please feel free to ask, but for the most part there isn't a strictly enforced don't-color-outside-of-the-lines clause. The User Profiles(Sell Yourself) forum is a one topic per person. You don't have to make a thread here, but if you're the sort of person who likes to keep all of your information in one area, this is for you. Here, users can showcase themselves, detailing their RP style and preferences, what they look for in RP partners, character profiles, plots and ideas, likes and dislikes, etc. It's all up to you. The Looking for Roleplay category contains various forums currently divided up by genre, which may change if enough of the user base prefers another method(such as sexuality or humanoid/anthro, etc.). Here, users are not restricted to one post per person, but I ask that no one flood an individual forum with a lot of new topics; it would be neither attractive nor polite to the other users. You're mostly free to post however you want, whether you just want to advertise yourself in general, you're looking for pairings for your characters, or you're trying to pitch a plot. If you're not entirely sure which forum to post in, go with whatever suits what you're looking for best or feel free to ask.


I hate writing rules, because I assume people know how to behave. Hopefully, I wont have to flesh this out much. Bumping: Please, only bump a thread if it has fallen off of the first page or if you have edited a post to add or change a significant amount of information. (Use your best judgement on "significant amount." Obviously, fixing a typo isn't justification enough for bumping) Posting: This mostly refers to the User Profiles and Looking for Roleplay categories. Please, be considerate of users who don't want others actually posting in their threads for organizational purposes. Some users will put in the first post that they would rather be contacted via PM or other methods. NSFW / 18+ Content: While I do not think prohibits such, please be sure to flag/mark your thread accordingly if it contains such content. Simply stating that you are looking for adult RP does not in itself count as adult content, and does not require a flag. While adult RP searches are permitted, I ask that the actual adult RP not be enacted in this world.

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