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Stardrop Bazaar

The main Capital of Malmillion world. The main capital, which is a port and a trading city, is the most populated area in this area. Because it is comfortable Suitable as accommodation for human visitors. The way to travel to the Stardrop Bazaar is by boat or by slugs that work for flying to the capital or stingrays from Coral Jungle.
Seaweed Plains

It is a lowland area that is used for cultivation. You can farm here, Seawood Plains has a beautiful beach. Located near the capital city because it is convenient for transportation of crops and other products to the Bazaar.
Coral Jungle

The concept comes from the corals that are underwater to raise on the ground. There are hotels and tourist attractions and lots of homes, because this area is beautiful. In this area are stingrays that fly passengers to the capital Stardrop Bazaar.
Dark Spinel Forest

In this area, some people said that there is strange energy surrounding it. Such a goosebumps atmosphere, Fog that covered all around Including trees that wither. The air in this area is quite cold. There is a gentle breeze all year round. It is said that the large black floating stone was the energy from space, but no one had ever explored what it was. It's like a platform to go up with, but it's too scary.
Wildberry Wood and Starlight Swamp

Rainforest area with many rivers and waterfalls Including wild berries to be harvested all year round This is a good source for farming free foods.

On the right side, there is a Starlight swamp, there are many sea-water holes next to the beach. Lots of aquatic animals live in this area. At night, high tide will come. There are many mollusks on the beach as well.
Rosa Oasis

A city surrounded by tall pink cliffs and there is a big oasis. It is the home for miners in the Meteorite Mines. Holes was drilled into the cliff for creating living areas or hotels. Another hot spot for tourists!.
Meteorite Mines

The only land mine in the Malmilion world. Is covered with lots of pink and red gemstones. There are other color gemstones too if digging deeper. They can be sold for a good price if not pink or red. There was a lot of dust. Please wear mask.
Diamond Desert

The area has a lot of white sand. And used to be a giant dragon nest, but that dragon died for unknown reasons, now its bones have become a place for tourists to take pictures of. There are not many animals live here. Because it is quite arid, has few plants and no clean water to drink.
Shaman Wooden

Tall tree zone, It is a dense forest where a green swamp cuts through the tall trees.
It is a habitat for flying birds and slugs. Some of them decided to build their nests on these tree and live here. Humans were able to settle down as well due to their enormous size of the tree.  If you want to go to the snowy area you must walk through this forest.

Beside this area. looking out to the sea. You could see strange purple and blue colored ruins (Cosmic Ruins).
Midoriya Forest

Midoriya Forest was named after the Demon King who once lived ten thousand years ago. But one day. He disappeared in secret with his lover, a Legendary Mage.

Legends said, he was trapped by sleep cursed magic spell. Rendered him in useless slug form. Looking like rabbit / Sea slug by his very own lover. That mage wrote a book about this spell for later generations.

Today, the same castle without its rulers still towers in the middle of the forest. And those in this land have helped to preserve the legend, not let it to be lost or swallowed up by nature.
Silver snow

The cold snow region has the largest area in this land. The night here is short, the day is long. Temperature is not friendly to humans. Cold-loving slugs Or a lot of ice slugs love it though. The terrain is also rough with many deep ice pits.
Vampire Volcanic

The name says it all. This place is definitely not a place to be used for living. High temperatures and Lava all over the place make no one want to live here. Very rare to see someone there. Because of Volcanic eruption. The island itself still expanded its territory.
Hidden Pearl

The sunken old place which became an underwater city and a habitat for marine life.
Cosmic Ruins

Ancient ruins that are tens of thousands years old. It is as long as the owner of Midoriya Forest. They had strange patterns that make humans believe that it was something aliens created.
Conch's Treasure

underwater mine you can mine for silver, gold, various types of metals including gems. It is areas where treasure hunters like to go.
Cresent DeepSea

The deepest sea area. There is a giant fish devil. Howecer, this fish loves peace.
And once in a while it will appear on the surface. She hated the dragon in the south.
Dragon's Lair

Water dragon’s nest. He disliked the giant fish of the north. He was guarding a precious treasure. No one dared to explore the sea in this area because the dragon has a very ferocious.
Solar Shallow

The shallow waters here are rich in ecosystems, thanks to the minerals from nearby volcanoes. Because it is surrounded by various islands, it is a place where people often come to dive with water elemental Spirishells. Those who are marine slug will be found in this area.
Tornado lurking around the dark continent. Please be careful.
Dark Continents (Pink color)
Undiscovery area -Coming soon!-