✦Subspecies(5stars Spirishell)

Subspecies: Carnivore, Mineral Eater, and Tide Chaser50843453_067UiJc7sx8mkOi.jpg


Usually, most Spirishell are herbivores. However, there are subspecies of Spirishell who found out eating meat is better than greens. They are food motivate, somewhat gluttony, really loves eating. Please raise it with care or else they might eat you instead.

They can be found 1 - 5 stars

✦ ParasitesTheir body is bursted into some tentacles. Inside it is a living parasites. They are living in Mutualism together.
✦ Man-EaterSlug who had their brain controlled by fungus. Their meat is poisonous so the predator did not bother with them.
✦ Misplaced MouthWhether the wings, ears, or whatever in their body, the mouth seems to exist in the wrong place.
✦ Weird organ TrioHad more than 2 eyes, Mouth looks weird or alien tongue. You have to choose one.
✦ TwinsieTwinsie is like this since they were born. They are connecting together.
✦ Tail MouthWhat the hell is glue to their butts? Dragon? Wolf? Which one are the real head then?
✦ CrownedSame with Parasites slugs, Their body is invading by parasitic monsters. Their head burst out.
✦ See throughYou can see through their body. Somewhere transparent.on it’s body.
✦ HunterWolf in sheep's clothing of slug’s world. Hunters are skillful predator which can take down bigger enemies. It took their prey’s pelt to use as clothing.


MINERALS EATER: They can be found only 5 stars

50843485_ZipYtre9t5t5UtD.jpgTide Chaser: They can be found 1 - 4 stars

50843490_3rEHQTe15CzDbg4.jpgTide Chaser: They can be found only 5 stars

50843506_Ru7AAsLQ81EdG3G.jpgTide Chaser Jellyfish:  They can be found only 5 stars


Tide Chaser: Humanoid form

✦ IsopodThey have unqiue traits which their head contain hard shells, their tail is long and have jelly-like substance on the end. Even in this form they are still fast, faster than the AVES.
✦ RegularFor 1-4 stars Tide Chasers, they had long fabric which worked like a cape. Their arms connect to it. Regular Tide Chaser are smaller than overall slug’s humanoid forms.
✦ JellyfishThis subspecies mimics the jellyfish. They had weil that looked like a jellyfish's bell. has frills on it’s arms connecting to the tentacles. They use these tentacles to feel things.

Subspecies : Aves, Dragon, Hexa, Lochness, and Noodle



Usual slugs have max 4 wings on their body. AVES has 6 wings. They are fast in the air but low on stamina. They love to build the nest.

Fierce looking slug that somehow eats meat for some reason. They are such a fighter. With long claws, having wise eyebrows and long tail sometimes so long it can exceed 10 meters. They are good at attacking but not defending.


Tiny subspecies slug. Hexa has a double body on which it appears to be on tail. They had 1-2 big wings on their body. looking like an insect. Using gliding to move around the forest. They don't need to all look like insects though, they can be another animal that uses a gliding method.

People scare of it because they believe Hexa can sting.

Found mostly in the sea. They must have at least two Lochness legs traits. They had both lungs and grills so they could breathe on land and sea no problem. They had a body with a tail connected to the body which looked like a fish. Lochness move like a seal on land.


Some people call it NOODLE RAMEN UDON NOPE ROPE SNEK whatever. This spirishell has the longest spine of all. Their bodies can be super long. They are good at defending with thick scales or skins. They are also somewhat slow.