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Kamiguri is an entity that is halfway between dimensions, whether it is the human world, spirit world or even parallel worlds .They could choose to redirect from one dimension to another, even in the same place .Their bodies are like portals. It is like a bridge across worlds that can take people into other dimensions they want by using reflection (such as mirror or water reflect), And can also "walk" in the air as well.

They have the same intelligence level as a 12-year-old human child or more. Few have more than humans. They could exist indefinitely as long as the crystal on their forehead isn't broken. Therefore, even if their body had been “dead” but If the crystal is still there, it's not the real meaning of death.

others vision have seen kamiguri in difference waysothers vision have seen kamiguri in difference ways

Kamiguri is seen differently from the visions of ghosts, some animals or people with the sixth sense are seen as kamiguri as kirin or dragons. Ordinary people would be able to see them in other forms if they were to be in another world's energy place. such as a cemetery or a cemetery

50808793_62i0hLDVmM7m5lN.pngKamiguri forms

They have crystals as a source of energy. The more there are, the more formidable. But the center of the highest energy was the crystal in the forehead. They have bodies that are different according to the viewer's potential and birthplace. The body that most humans can see is called the normal form, which is about the size of an adult cat. and many other figures, although really Indeed, all their appearances were their “normal form”. which the categories are organized from the recording according to human logic only to make it easier to understand

  • normal form 
    It is a figure that most ordinary humans can see. In this body, when awake, fight or angry, a flame appeared on its tail. Its body is about the size of an adult cat.
  • kirin/dragon form
    In another dimension It could be either a Chinese dragon or a kirin. Those who saw this body were usually spirits. Seeing spirits, sacraments, demons, wizards, foreign bodies in the human world. and identity in other dimensions
  • Inner form
    A form that fluctuates with the unconscious, unconscious, deep thoughts and dreams of Kamiguri. This phenomenon occurred only on the ancestral island of Shera. They might become something. Or it could be something intangible such as vegetation, sunlight, moonlight, fireflies, animals, or even humans. (can be designed freely)

IMG_1424.jpgThey reproduce sexually like mammals. 

Only one cub at a time. In the inner form, male with male or female with female can be pregnant, but they must remain in the Shera world throughout the pregnancy.

9FF1B813-7E8F-42AB-A963-EE79DC36547B.pngShera Island

Shera Island is a special dimension known to all Kamiguri. It is an ancient island that was the birthplace of the ancestors of the Kamiguri. A place filled with mysterious and blurry energy. Nothing is as certain as a dream. In this they would be 'immortal' as long as their consciousness was not destroyed. They can transform into their own consciousness. The territory beyond this island will be empty. When you walk too far away, there will be 'something' causing you to come back to the island again. No matter how hard you tried to leave, you would return to the island as before. Except for using Kamiguri to bring in or out of this dimension.

For example, the shape-shifting Kamiguri that lived with people may feel like they are one of human. When they come to this place, it will take the form of a human being. It may or may not be a perfect figure. may have their own ethnicity Or is it a cross between one's own race and a human? depending on their consciousness Some of them may have mixed object shapes. For example, a butterfly-loving kamiguri might grow butterfly wings.

But there are some kamiguri that retain their original shape. but there is a birthmark or an object wearable device That is a form of the subconscious mind that takes shape. They may have come to this dimension to heal or hibernate. because there is neither day nor night here Will it be dark or light (including the atmosphere of the island) that fluctuates? and erratic.

Mainly they will stay at Malmilion world and travel around with their neighbor slug, Spirishell!