✦Traits + Special traits



About soul color

  • Soul Fire: crystal of Kamiguri body, eyes, toe beans, soul fire must be same color! texture also need to match to their other parts. (if it sparkle, all soul part should be sparkle)
  • Optional: soul fire might be match personality, It can be "change" if they have heavy personality change (unlike temporary change) However, to match their personality are not required.
  • Heterophobia are count as multiple soul color (uncommon trait) And it should be appears on other soul color part either

Kamiguri basic anatomy

  • Wing connects to their butt, will not connects the tail (please avoid to draw them like or look like it connects tail) Wings should not higher than half of their body (can't use to fly / they already can walk in the air)
  • Hind legs are half of mammal or feline like + 60% bird leg at the end. front legs are always be feline paw... yes.. they can hide claws..
  • Tail can be any fur texture in nature, they may be like horse tail, canine, or leopard. However, please avoid dragon, lizard, lion, and fantasy tail that not show in trait part

Note about crystal

  • Please only use the simple shape like example! the advance crystal shape might be added in the future as the mutation trait. 
  • You can't do the broken crystal, it will be the mutation trait in future :>
  • Please avoid to draw, or add things inside the main crystal. 


Crystal horns

crystal horns may not have or may stay as step 1-2 Some Kamiguri can normally have horns like other animals' horns. However, Crystal horns are special parts. They didn't have it when they were young. But as they grow up, crystals will sprout. Maybe they were short from birth to adulthood. Some will grow with age. Crystal horns will only grow step by step.