• Everyone has a secret Name inside them and somewhere in the world is someone with a matching Name. Through fate, nature, or an undeniable gravitational pull, we are drawn to the person who matches our Name. Although, most of the time, we never know why. Connecting with this person will change our lives, not always for the best.
      • Once you know your Name, you both gain certain powers. In every Named pair there is a Fighter and a Sacrifice. The Fighter casts spells to damage opponents, the Sacrifice takes damage from others.
      • It is possible for an Awakened Name to fight with a different sacrifice or Fighter, but they will be much weakened and unable to fight properly. It is also an unpleasant feeling to fight for someone who has a Name different from your own.

This is a modern day fantasy boy's love world based on the manga Loveless. Please read all three Bulletins for rules and setting before joining.

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 Based on the Manga by Yun Koga, Loveless. Originally published in May 2002. This is a fan work only and does not claim ownership or copyright of the original material.

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