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Nyllumia is the homeworld to the Sirrhetruscanyllum and the Luminae. 

Truscan's are a Benevolant race that work hard to keep order in their world, though not all Truscan's are kind. They are not a perfect community, but they strive to be great. Erivale is the world's floating city which houses a few very large transporter's that allow the Truscan's to travel from their world and time, to other worlds. They are raised and groomed to be protectors to creatures who need it and then are sent off world to take their places among other species/Races.

Truscan's can take 3 different forms, Humanoid (kemi), Anthromorphic, or Feral. This helps them fit in better with the worlds around them, and helps to give the creatures they're protecting more comfort. 

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