Welcome, stranger

The Void is nothingness. The Void is everything. Welcome to the world, little one.

Created from stardust, Asteri barely have a physical form. They materialize eventually within the Void, nothing more than a soft apparition. People wonder if they really exist at all.

You are here now because you have come in contact with one who has left the Void... and perhaps it whispered sweet nothings to you during a fitfull sleep, or it wandered into your mind as you daydreamed, or it drifted past your gaze on a foggy morning. It is no matter. What matters is the here, the now, and the vastness of the universe.

Let the Asteri you have glimpsed guide you into their world: a world of wonder, of mystery, of beauty.

A world of the Void.


Asteri are an OPEN species that are free to make with few restrictions. They were originally created for the adoptables site 4dopt and are free to use and upload on TH. For more information on how to create an Asteri, please visit the Rules and Traits information pages! By creating an Asteri you agree to those guidelines.






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Asteri are released! Now open and free to make.


Species originally created by noll for 4dopt. You may use species off of 4dopt!

Images: Galaxy by freepik, Supernova by antonioli